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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

Anyone wanting to change their phone protectors will probably explore TPU as well. Because its performance ability is industry ruling. But if you are not familiar with it, you may ask, “What is TPU screen protector?” In short, TPU is a display protector made of thermoplastic polyurethane that protects the screen from scratches and damage. 

A phone protector is nothing if it cannot stand against a drop test. And it showcases its durability. So, to know how durable a TPU protector is, keep on reading!

Is TPU Screen Protector Good?

TPU screen protector is made of enhanced plastic, making it different from the usual plastic material objects. As a result, it has high elasticity. Due to the elasticity, the dents and bends formed on its screen disappear quickly. This makes the protector durable.

Unlike expensive protectors, TPU fits the display, especially the edges perfectly. It does not leave any space to attract dust specks. So it stays clean for a longer time. 

What Is TPU Screen Protector

Some high-end protectors come shorter than the display size. It becomes challenging to install them around the curved screen. But TPU addresses the issue, as it comes according to the phone display size.


What Is TPU Screen Protector

And all of these features come in an affordable price range. So, considering performance, resistance, and durability, TPU is better than many glass protectors.  

TPU Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass

Unlike the TPU, tempered glass has multiple layers. So it absorbs shocks and drops with ease. And its shock absorbent makes the tempered cover more durable than the TPU.

Both of these protectors are grease, water, and dust resistant. However, tempered glass is more effective when it comes to preventing high scratches. And it will not form fingerprints while cleaning the screen.

What Is TPU Screen Protector

The tempered glass gives off an anti-glare and anti-reflection look. Because it has higher light transmittance than the TPU. Considering the performance and outdoor use, opting for tempered glass is a smart move.

TPU Vs Tempered Glass Drop Test

When it comes to understanding the durability and strength of a screen protector, the drop test is the way. If a phone drops, a durable screen protector should protect the display from severe damage. 

As tempered glass is thick, it withstands scratches from drops. On the contrary, the TPU protector gets lighter scratches on its body upon dropping. 

What Is TPU Screen Protector

The TPU screen forms a crack when it drops. But these cracks heal with time. Tempered glass breaks upon falling from height several times. And it gathers particles upon the display. So, you might not see the screen clearly due to the broken particles. 

If a phone is more prone to drops, it is better to go with the TPU screen shield. This is because it will not break the glass quickly. But you need to compromise with the cracks and tears.  But for durability, tempered glass is the best choice. 

TPU VS PET Screen Protector

Interestingly, both TPU and PET screen protectors are cheaper in price. But in terms of performance, TPU tops PET. Because PET works well to prevent scratches from keys, coins, and nails. But it can form heavy scratches once you drop the phone accidentally. 

Unlike the PET protector, TPU does not have any adhesive side. Thereby, dust and dirt do not easily stick to the screen. But as PET has silicon adhesive, it becomes dirty so easily. And the dirt specs can trigger ghost or unwanted touch issues on the display.

Also, the TPU screen turns yellow over time. Because it is not configured with UV-ray technology to hold its shine against sun exposure. On the other hand, TPU has an anti-yellowing feature to lock the glaze and shine for a crystal display look. 

As the TPU’s material makes it a self-healing protector, it absorbs shocks and impacts energy. Therefore, lighter cracks do not last on it for long. Its bend and cracks disappear after a few days.

For users with a budget, a PET screen protector is a good option. But its touch sensitivity is not quite as good as TPU. Overall, TPU is a good deal for better impact performance and functionality. 

Best TPU Screen Protector

As TPU screen protectors are flexible and provide protection for the display at a cost-effective price, most smartphone users tend to switch to them. But based on the phone types and models, this protector varies in design. And here are two handpicked TPU protectors for iPhone and Android respectively:

1. JDHDL Hydrogel 

JDHDL hydrogel TPU protector fits the curved corners and edges of the iPhone display. And it is non-breakable. So, if you drop it, there will not be broken material specs under the protector!

It not only protects the glass display but also repairs the scratches. Also, it reduces the bubbles formed while installing it. Last but not least, this protector gives off a sensitive and smooth touch experience. 

2. UniqueMe

The soft material used in the UniqueMe TPU protector aids in the high-sensitivity touch. And it reduces the probability of bubble formation during installation. 

The kit comes with a camera lens protector as well. Consequently, you will get full coverage for your phone display. And these protectors offer lifetime protection for Android phone displays. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

What is the cost of a standard TPU screen protector?

TPU screen protector price depends on its quality and type. It can range from around $0.35 to $10. The more high–end layers or performance it offers, the costlier it will be. However, TPU is cheaper than glass protectors. 

Do TPU screen protectors come for all devices?

There are several types of TPU protectors for different phone models and gadgets. Android, iOS, and Windows phone displays to smartwatches are also compatible with these films or protectors.

What is the lifespan of TPU screen protectors?

It depends on the use frequency and maintenance. If you hardly drop the phone and keep the phone away from sharp objects, it should last for years. But excessive drops and moisture can damage it in a few months. 


The best way to know what is TPU screen protector is by comparing its features with its counterparts. And based on the comparison, TPU is quite behind in terms of scratch resistance compared to Tempered glass. But if you know how to maintain a TPU cover, it will last better than any other protective cover.

And to maintain the TPU film, we’d recommend wiping it off each week with a microfiber cloth. 


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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

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