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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

Most smart device users across the USA do not have much knowledge of Android. Because they lean more toward iOS products. But the global android market share and statistics showcase an opposite scenario. Why so? Let’s know through numbers and figures. 

Android has 71.95% of the market share in 2023. Today, I will discuss how it increases in terms of vendors, annual users, and active users. 

What is the Android Market Share in 2023?

According to StatCounter, Android has a 71.95% of market share in 2023 quarter 1. Whereas its competitor owns only 27.42% in quarter 1. This is their market share globally. So, it is pretty obvious that Android rules the global OS industry by 44%.

Android Market Share and Statistics

However, the scenario is different in the USA. IOS leads the market in America with a 57.75% share. And Android is way behind as it covers 41.88% of shares.

What Are the Statistics of Android OS?

If you explore the general market statistics, you will notice that Android dominates all other contemporaries. And here are a few statistics as of 2022-2023:

According to BusinessOfApps, 2.5 billion people use Android globally

Androids’ annual active users have increased by 2 billion from the year 2014 to 2023.

In the USA, active Android users are on the rise. And now, 133.4 million consumers use Android gadgets. Google has shared that 110 million users have Android TV as of 2022. And it reaches 150 million users in 2023. Moreover, they have estimated that the statistics will grow in the near future

According to Statista, 1.57 billion Android devices were sold in 2022 in total. And International Data Corporation is predicting a sale of 967.7 million Android phones in the year 2023.

The decline is due to a recovery from a slow market. Here is more to the recent down in the market:

Globally, Samsung Android dominates the vendor share with a 27.09% market share.

Android Market Share and Statistics
Android Market Share and Statistics

Note that the Android 11 version holds the second rank in the market with a 23.03% share.

Why Does Android Rule the Market Share and Statistics?

In case you wonder why the shares are different globally and regionally, the main factors are cost, brand value, and influence. Android OS has open-source coding. 

As a result, no one needs to pay a buck to build apps and services on it. So, most global manufacturers and vendors use the platform. It increases its market value globally. 

On the other hand, iOS has a brand value across the USA. Because most celebrities use iOS devices, mainly the iPhone. And people get influenced by them easily. So, iOS rules the USA market. 

Also, Android is available in all price ranges from mid-range to high-end. But it is not the case with iOS. Therefore, countries with developing economies tend to export and import Android devices due to their low manufacturing and labor cost.

Android is compatible with a wider range of devices and gadgets. As a result, you can switch to different vendors for different types of smartwatches, TVs, and gadgets. 

And you will find something unique in those devices. You do not have to stick to one hardware brand for smart devices, unlike iOS. The great thing is most Android accessories and cables are interchangeable. But the iPhone does not allow it, which makes it costly. 


Android market share and statistics are a leading example that sometimes an open source-based operating system can rule the market, especially without any significant loss. Also, its low maintenance has helped it dominate the 71.95% market to date. 

Note that the statistics are subject to change each month. So, to get the most updated share query, I’d suggest visiting StatCounter each month. 


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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

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