Android Vs Windows OS: Head-to-Head Comparison!

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Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Both Windows and Android earn gold standards for being versatile, popular, and quite effective in modern days. And that is what makes a person confused about choosing a single one between them. In order to answer your queries, I will draw a detailed analysis of Android Vs Windows OS

Windows does not distribute its sources for public use. On the contrary, Android is an open-source OS, which means it is accessible to all. Based on this distribution difference, their security updates vary. Let’s move a step forward for further information! 

Android VS Windows OS: Quick Comparison Chart

As Android and Windows are open and closed-source OS respectively, they are distinct in many specs and features. Here is a quick glimpse of their variations:

Built forSmartphones and tabletsDesktop
User InterfaceLively and easy to useComparatively complex
App supportCompatible with apps with multiple sourcesOnly support Microsoft apps
CustomizationVarious optionsLimited themes

Difference Between Android VS Windows OS

Android and Windows OS share a few similarities to perform multitasks and increase office. Other than that, they are different in major features and structures. Here is what separates them –

1. Distribution

Access to these OS depends on their distribution. Android distributes its source codes across different platforms. Therefore, companies and developers can access the OS and modify its codes. It aids in building their specific app for their phone brands and services. 

On the flip side, Windows is a closed-source-based OS. It means that you cannot use its codes to develop your services on this OS. So, organizations cannot use this OS for building their service-specific program based on Windows.

As the distribution is huge for Android, it has a larger community of users, developers, and programmers. Hence, if you face any bug-related or improvement issues, you will find forums to help resolve the bugs.

But in the case of Windows OS technical issues, there are no alternative to professional support.

2. App Ecosystem

Android supports almost millions of official programs available on the play store. It also is compatible with third-party apps and apks. And different phone manufacturers also incorporate their app stores, such as Galaxy Store by Samsung, that offer service-oriented programs.

Whereas Windows has access to limited apps. You get to explore the few apps offered by the Microsoft Store.

3. Feature Differences

Android offers versatile features in terms of security and customization. Google has launched a play protect feature to ensure data safety. It scans the apps on the store to detect if there are any malicious files or security.

Also, the play protection scans the installed apps from time to time to ensure they are safe to use. Having said that, Android security is vulnerable. Because it allows the apk and third-party app use.

Windows OS provides better security features due to its close-source nature. As a result, not everyone can mess up with its codes, which may bring security threats.

Android has customizable UI features. So, you can adjust the theme, icons, and widgets as per your liking. Though Windows features UI modification, it is less customizable to keep the OS stable. Here is how the Windows modification work:

Which Is Better: Android or Windows OS?

Android VS Windows OS debate is never ending, rightfully so! Because both OSs serve different purposes. 

For example, if you want to use a flexible OS, Android offers multiple customization tweaks. It will change the feel of your Android system, and you will be able to switch between tasks according to your modification. 

If you work with confidential and sensitive data, I’d suggest using Windows. Because it has better security patches. For faster multitasking, it also helps. 


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Last Updated: May 26, 2023

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