What is syncmlsvc Android?

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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

If you have faced troubles with syncing your backup data, you may have hit upon the syncmlsvc app. Well, what is syncmlsvc Android ?

The syncmlsvc is a cloud-syncing application for Android. It is specially designed for Samsung phones. However, installing this software application on your phone can help you to sync some essential data.

 Below we have come up with a detail guideline of the syncmlsvc app.

What is syncmlsvc Android

What is syncmlsvc?

Have you ever found it challenging to sync backup data on your Android device? Most of us can relate to the difficulties. Sometimes you may need to remember to back up your data; it is not easy to get it again.

SyncML service is a great option to get rid of this issue. It is a convenient data synchronization and device management software.

You will find the stored data on the file manager of the application. Once you sync it with the syncmlsvc account, you don’t have to worry about losing the storage data.

How does syncmlsvc work in Android?

For running this software on your Android, you have to download and install it. Create a syncmlsvc account with the required information and sync the data you want to keep in your cloud storage.

Yet, you will find it as syncmlsvc on Samsung Android devices and Funambol for other Android phones. This software works by exchanging commands.

Why do you need syncmlsvc?

Though you can use other applications to sync information, when it comes to the most secure and easy service, you should choose syncmlsvc.

Nevertheless, the syncing service has better features than other ones. Selecting this to sync calendars, contacts, notes, photos, videos, and other applications will make your storage more manageable. That’s why you will need to use the syncing software.

What are the features of syncmlsvc?

  • Personal data organization settings
  • Sending alerts while backing up your data
  • Secure storage syncing
  • Make your data private
  • Sending alerts while backing up your data

How to install syncmlsvc?

Before installing it, you need to root your Samsung or Android device first. There are many root applications available.

  • Choose the convenient one and install it on your phone.
  • In other words, you can root your device manually as well.
  • Go to SyncML or Funambol and install it on your device.
  • It is connected to One Media Hub.
What is syncmlsvc Android
  • You can also activate the SyncML service with Memotoo as well.

Is it necessary to use syncmlsvc?

Yes. You should keep the SyncML service on your device because it will keep the data private. Otherwise, some software might stop working, and it can disturb the active service.

How to uninstall syncmlsvc?

If the application is not working correctly, it can be an updating or error issue. Check the operating status of the application first.

Then, root and reboot your device. It will delete the software. However, you have to root your phone because it is a time-consuming task to uninstall the service. But remember to add this syncing service again to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is syncmlsvc harmful to Android systems?

No. It is a necessary application for your Android systems. But if your device catches malware, it might be problematic to operate this software.

Why has my syncmlsvc stopped working?

Your software might have heavy loads of backup information. Also, it can crash. Excess usage can be one of the reasons. To solve this issue, you can root your device and delete the software. Reinstall it.

Final thought

Considering all these, you have learned what is syncmlsvc Android. Adding this service to your phone will be a life-changing decision. Now you can shift some data to your SyncML cloud storage anytime. Turn on the auto sync, which will save your data without hassle.

Furthermore, it also helps to organize personal data and office notes. You will also find this syncing service for Windows, Microsoft and iOS. We suggest keeping the software on your Android, iPhone, and Windows.


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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

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