What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone?

Have you just noticed “Quickstep ” in the background application list on your Android phone? Perhaps, you are unable to find the application anywhere in the application menu. That may make you concerned about, “What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone?”

Before a long while, I was also experiencing the same situation. I noticed a Quickstep application running in the background from settings. But there was no such app installed on the main menu. Then I do comprehensive research on this.

Through this article, I am going to share essential information that you should know about the QuickStep application on Nokia Android phones.

What is Quickstep App On Android Phones?

Quickstep is the default launcher for Android devices. It was introduced as the system launcher for the stock Android Pie version.

Since then Android devices running with version 9.0 and above are using the quickstep launcher as the built-in launcher. The task of this launcher is to assist the device to provide a better user interface. It doesn’t kill a lot of RAM while running in the background. That’s why it has gained priority to be the default launcher.

How To Fix Quickstep Launcher Keeps Stopping Error Android Phones?

You may sometimes get the error notification that “Quickstep keeps stopping”. This can be frustrating while watching videos or playing games. Thankfully, we have got the solution for you through our comprehensive research. Here’s the step-by-step process to fix the quick step launcher error.

Step 1: Open the Play Store

What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone

First of all, you need to install an alternative third-party launcher. Open the Google Play Store on your mobile and search for “Launcher 3”.

Step 2: Install “Launcher<3”

What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone

Touch on the launcher and select “Install” to download the alternative launcher on your mobile. You can find it seeing “Jasson Kung” as the app developer.

Step 3: Change QuickStep To the Home App

What Is Quickstep On My Android Phone

Go to the settings and go to “Apps”. Then, touch on the “default apps”. There you will see the name of the “Home app”. You will find the Quickstep app selected as the home app.

Step 4: Select Launcher 3

You have to touch on the home app option. It will show you the alternative launcher option. Select Launcher 3 as the default launcher.

That will fix the error. From now on, you won’t get any notification showing that the Quickstep launcher keeps stopping. You can also customize the interface of Launcher 3.

The launcher release continues to update so that you can experience a hassle-free and bug-free user interface.

How To Customize the Home Screen On Quick Step Launcher?

Some users complain about the default interface of the Quickstep app. Let me inform you that you can customize the home screen interface according to your preference. Let me show you how to customize the home screen in the Quickstep launcher.

1. Move App Icons

You can move app icons around by long-pressing them. You just need to drag them to place them in your desired location. If you want to keep similar types of applications together, you can create folders for that.

2. Add A Widgets

Would you like to add a widget on your home screen? You just need to long-press on an empty space. Then, you will get the “Widgets” option. From there, you can choose from different widgets generated from the installed apps on your Android device.

3. Change Wallpaper

Getting bored with the typical old-looking wallpaper? You have to long press on an empty space to change your wallpaper. You just need to tap on “Wallpapers” to select an image from the built-in wallpaper. You can also choose an image from the Gallery.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end part of our comprehensive research about what is quickstep app on Android phones. Along with introducing you to the application, we have shared an effective way to solve quickstep launcher errors. Being a built-in launcher for stock Android, you cannot install it but there are lots of third-party launchers to replace with. If you face any other issue with the quick step launcher, feel free to mention it in the comment box. You May Find lot more Android Apps related article in our websites Android Apps category.


What is the use of the Quickstep app?

The Quickstep app is the default built-in launcher for Android phones and Nokia smartphones. It operates the appearance of stock Android. The icon shape and screen animation depend on this launcher.

How do I remove Quickstep from my Android?

You can install a new third-party launcher to change the current built-in launcher. But as it is the default launcher, you cannot uninstall it.

What is Quickstep on a Nokia phone?

Quickstep is the default launcher for Nokia phones. It controls home screens, app drawer, recent apps, appearance, and other launcher-related tasks.

How do I stop apps from running in the background on Nokia?

You have to go to the application settings and open the background running application list. From there, you have to select the app and tap on “Force Stop”. It will stop the app from running in the background.

Can I uninstall the Quick Step app from my Android phone?

No, the Quickstep is a built-in launcher for Android phones. You can not uninstall the application from your device. But you can change the launcher.


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