What Is Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg?

If you use Verizon-registered phones, sooner or later, you are likely to see the cryptic com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg in your popups or app history. And some users claim that it is a malicious file. And some say it is safe. But what is com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg exactly?

It is a package name for an app developed by Verizon telecom, which is a recent addition to their service plans. Moreover, it stores the additional data of the main app. The package mainly aids in tracking and high-end Android security services against robbery. 

However, the package can get on your nerves if you run the outdated version. So, it is better to disable it, which is what I will also show you here!

What Is Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg in Android?

Com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg is the package name of the service or app titled “Verizon Location Agent.” It is a built-in app. As a result, whenever you buy a Verizon phone or register with Verizon network services, the package comes preinstalled on the phone. 

The package name is cryptic so that the software or application developers can identify the application from others. It is a unique identifier or domain only for that app.

The com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg contains some of the data of the main application or Verizon Location Agent. To get better insights into the pack, go through the features and functions described below. 

What is Verizon Location Agent?

Verizon has been improving its network and telecom services lately. So, they provide built-in apps like Verizon LocationAgent as a high–tech service to the customers. 

It is a location-tracking application that can help trace the locations of phones within the same network. Moreover, it analyzes the air pressure, time zone, and sensor signals to identify the locations of the phones within a particular place. This app mainly works as a parental control and an anti-theft tool. 

The advanced GPS pinpoint feature it comes with can even help law enforcement to track criminals. It is better to keep the application and its package activated on your phone. So, you will be able to use another device to find your lost phone through Location Agent tracking. 

What Are the Features/Functions of the Verizon Location Agent?

Verizon Location Agent comes with different services and functions. Some of them are free, whereas others do require a premium subscription. So, if you want to keep the package enabled, here is what you can expect to get from it –

1. Parental Location Tracking

It is a paid feature to track the location of your children through their phones that operate under the Verizon network. Even if they turn off their location, it is possible to find out their routes through the app. You can also monitor their phone usage. 

What Is Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg

The Com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg package helps the app to analyze the data received from the GPS for the targeted device. For that, it turns on the GPS tracking feature first.

And then analyze the distance between the signal sent and received to pinpoint the location of your kids or loved ones. 

What Is Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg

2. Location Check-Ins

Through this app, it is possible to send your location quickly to your family members’ phones. Once you reach your destination, open the app to pinpoint your check-in locations and send it to another Verizon network device or a rider for pick–up service. 

The location information comes in the form of notifications. So, you are just one click away from knowing your family members’ or friends’ whereabouts. 

How to Disable the Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Svg in Android?

Due to recent bugs in the location agent app, it sends pop-ups that say, “Com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg is trying to send messages”. And it gets super annoying as the notifications appear every now and then. To block these, disable the app with these steps –

  • From the main Settings, scroll down to your phone’s Application menu and click on the Verizon Location Agent.
What Is Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg
  • Go to its storage page and click on “Clear Data,” followed by Clear Cache options.
What Is Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg
  • Navigate back to the app’s info screen and tap on the Force Stop or Disable option.

After that, you should not be receiving those annoying ads. If you do so, follow the option in the next section. 

How to Delete the Com.Telecomsys.Directedsms.Android.Scg?

If you have a rooted phone, you can quickly get rid of any pre installed apps and packages, including the Verizon Location Agent. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go through the System Remover

From Play Store or a reliable sideload source, install the System Remover app and grant the required permission. Then, open the app, and based on the version you will find the application bar in the right or left menu. Click on that.

Follow the video to find an authentic apk site for the app:


Step 2: Delete the App 

Find out the Verizon Location Agent in the app bar and click on the square box beside it. Once you mark it, the delete icon will appear in the top or bottom corner.

Tap on the icon and confirm the action from the popup. Within a few seconds, the app and package will be removed from your phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is It Legal to Trace Locations Through Verizon Location Agent?

As long as you have permission from the targeted device’s owners to trace their location, it is legal. Also, for parental controls, it is legal until your kids are below 18. For law enforcement work, permission is not necessary. 

Why Can’t I Uninstall the Verizon Location Agent? 

Built-in services do not come with an uninstall button. Because the service providers do not want to lose a chance to promote their services. However, you can force-stop it. 

Can You Delete the Verizon Location Package without Root?

Yes, it is possible to use ADB command shells to delete the package. However, it is a tricky and lengthy process. It is not suitable for users with little technical know-how. 


As the Verizon package is still new, many of its users do not know what Is Com.telecomsys.directedsms.android.scg. And most of them assume that it is a threat to the phone. But it is completely safe to use unless you have downloaded it from a broken site. 

If you use Verizon networks, I’d recommend you keep it enabled. Otherwise, it can affect the network services. If you do not want to use the service, contact the Verizon support center. They will help you get rid of it.


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