What Is Com.Facebook.Services Android?

The assumptions regarding the dot com packages on Android are nothing new, especially if they are from Facebook. Recently, users were questioning, “what is com.facebook.services android.” Does it misuse user data? And so on!

Com.facebook.services is a pre-installed package associated with the Facebook services app. It contains the additional data of the service tools. And it helps its sister software to operate without any major issues.   

If the app seems useless to your everyday Android experience, you definitely will want to delete it. But it does not come with a ready uninstall button. So, what to do? Just follow the methods I will explore in this article.

What Is Com.Facebook.Services Android?

Com.facebook.services is the package name for the pre-installed app Facebook Services. It is basically a file format that helps the OS to install and distribute the features of the app on the phones. 

The package makes finding information on different businesses and services easier with its versatile sections. Therefore, it is not spyware or a harmful app.

However, it keeps using resources and operating in the background even if the user does not use any Facebook package. So, it can be quite frustrating to some. That is why uninstallation is the way out as discussed below. 

How to Remove Com.Facebook.Services without A PC?

Removing any pre-installed bloatware with a PC can be time-consuming and confusing at times, especially if Android users do not have good knowledge of the command line tools.

For them, third-party apps compatible with rooted phones are the solution. The method is as follows:

Step 1: Get a System App Uninstaller

From any credible app site or Google Play Store, install the System App Remover. There will be a lot of apps with the same name, but they are not the same software. So, only download the one developed by JuMobile. 

Note that this app requires root access. So only on the rooted OS, it will function. In case anyone wants to root, follow the forum for a detailed process based on your OS.

Step 2: Go through the App

Upon launching the app, it will ask for permissions, enable those. Then, click on the main menu to expand its entry and go to the System Apps section. From there, find the Facebook Services app, and use the search option at the top to make the process easier.

What Is Com.Facebook.Services Android

Step 3: Delete the App

Checkmark the box beside the Facebook Services and the delete icon at the top or bottom will arrive. Depending on the Android model, click on the Uninstall option at the bottom. Or the Trash Bin at the top to initiate the uninstallation.

Sometimes, you need to confirm the action with the PIN or password of the device. And in a few seconds, the com.facebook.services package will no longer be there on the phone to function.

It is not a must to root the phone to get rid of the service package Facebook, especially if you dread voiding warranty services. Also, a minor error while rooting can put the phone in brick mode.

Do not want to risk that? Try out the method in the following section.

How to Uninstall Com.Facebook.Services from Android without Rooting?

Just because non-rooted phones do not come with the Uninstall button for the pre-installed apps, it does not mean that those useless apps need to be there forever.

Use the following method to say bye to the service pack once and for all –

Step 1:  Get the Developer Tools

As this method requires USB debugging, download the correct Android SDK tools on a Windows or macOS computer. Choose the tools compatible with the computer’s OS. 

Step 2: Activate the Phone’s Developer Mode

Go to About Phone or Software Information from the main Settings entry. Continuously tap Build Number not more or less than seven times to place the phone in the Developer mode. The phone might send a confirmation popup before accessing the developer menu. In that case, enter the PIN or password of the device. 

What Is Com.Facebook.Services Android

Step 3: Access USB Debugging

Go to the main Settings screen, followed by the System section. From there, expand the Developer Options entry and toggle the USB Debugging slider. Be careful not to experiment with its additional options without technical know-how. 

What Is Com.Facebook.Services Android

Step 4: Open the Command Line Tool

From the Android studio folder that contains the ADB file, open PowerShell for Windows or Terminal for macOS. On Windows, while you are in the ADB folder, tap the Shift key and right-click on any place for the command tool to open.

Then, with a USB cable, connect the phone and the PC. And enter the adb devices command on the PowerShell or Terminal to authorize and get control over the connection. 

Step 5: Uninstall the Package

Enter and execute the adb devices and adb shell sequentially on the prompts to start the uninstallation. Then, enter the following scripts and run them to remove the Facebook services pack:

What Is Com.Facebook.Services Android

Is It Safe to Remove Pre-Installed Apps?

Pre-installed apps or packages do bear some of the responsibilities of the apps they are associated with. The packages store some of the data that the apps cannot contain due to their size limitation.

So, in a way, they aid in the functioning of the software. 

Removing the pre-installed packages means their app will start glitching. However, if you do not use any of the service tools or apps from Facebook, feel free to remove the com.facebook.services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Does the Com.Facebook.Services Take Up Storage?

Yes, it does. In fact, whether the pack receives an update or not, it keeps taking up storage in the background. And it is the same case with all other pre-installed apps on Android. Even if you disable the packages, they will use the space.

Will the Phone Function Properly Without Com.Facebook.Services?

Com.facebook.services have nothing to do with your personal phone’s performance. Upon deleting it, its associated app and services will not be there to use. And the rest of the software will keep functioning unless there are bugs or glitches.

Why do Manufacturers Pre-Install the Facebook Services Pack?

Manufacturers want to promote the software they preinstall on their phones. Also, pre installed packages help the sister apps to run properly. And they make the users familiar with Google apps.

Therefore, phone makers install the Facebook services pack beforehand. 


While scrolling through the app activity list, you will come across the com.facebook.services package sooner or later. And the strange part is, your phone’s OS detects it as “active,” even if you do not use it.

So what is com.facebook.services android? Manufacturers have pre-installed the package on your phone to help you find business and service information. 

So, I recommend keeping the package in case you like to explore different business resources online. Otherwise, delete it.


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