What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin?

You might be struggling to write Pinyin Chinese characters on your Android. To be more specific, there is no straightforward way to type “ü” and other such characters in most Android Chinese input methods. Thankfully, your struggle with typing the Chinese input method in Android is going to come to an end.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to Google Pinyin Input. Once I was also struggling to find an input method having a good combination of Chinese and English input. Then, I got to know about Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin.

Within a while, you will know What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin and how it can assist you with typing Pinyin on Android.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin In Android?

This is the package installer name of the Pinyin Input method. It is the optimized input method that is compatible with typing Chinese Language in Android.

This is the best method for typing pinyin Chinese language on Android. Chinese swipe input is available in this method which makes the typing experience even better.

 How To Use Google Pinyin Keyboard On Android Mobiles?

Step 1: Go To Settings

First of all, open the settings from your device. Then, swipe down the notification bar and touch on the “Gear” icon from the top.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Step 2: Select Language & Input

Touch on “Language & Input” from settings and choose “Language”. Then, click on the “Add a Language” from below.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Step 3: Search For Chinese Pinyin

Click on the search icon from the top and search for “Chinese”.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

After that, touch on simplified Chinese & choose the first option among 4 different categories.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Step 4: Change The Keyboard To Google Pinyin Input

Run the messaging application or any other apps that open the keyboard.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Touch on the language option and select Chinese pinyin from the language list.

That’s it. In this method, you can use Google pinyin keyboard on Android mobiles without installing any third party keyboards. Would you like to use this excellent input method on your iPhone or iPad? Here you go.

How To Use Pinyin Keyboard On iPhone, iPad, Or Any IOS?

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to the “Settings” on your iPhone and select “General from the list.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Step 2: Choose “Keyboards”

Touch on the “Keyboards” from the General settings. Then, tap on the “keyboards” once again and choose “Add new keyboard”.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Step 3: Select “Chinese Simplified”

Choose the “Chinese Simplified” option from the list. After that, tap on the first option “Pinyin – QWERTY”.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

Step 4: Start Using Pinyin Keyboard On iPhone

Open the messaging app and touch on the language icon from the keyboard to switch to the pinyin keyboard.

What Is Com.Android.Inputmethod.Pinyin

From now on, you will be able to use the Pinyin Keyboard On iPhone, iPad, or any other IOS.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we have come to the conclusion that com.android.inputmethod.pinyin indicates Google Pinyin Input Method. Using that “IME”, you can easily type “simplified Chinese language” on Android and IOS devices. The good thing about Google Pinyin Keyboard is that you don’t have to install any additional keyboards for the Chinese language.

You just need to add the simplified Chinese language to your Gboard. You can easily switch between English and Chinese anytime you want. If you face any issues about using the Pinyin Input Method, feel free to mention it in the comment box. We will provide you with the solution as soon as possible.

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What is pinyin input on Android?

Pinyin Input is an extension of Google Keyboard. It’s built-in for typing Chinese using Google Keyboard.

What does Google Pinyin input mean?

Google Pinyin indicates the phonetic input method for typing the Chinese language conveniently.

Why do I need Pinyin input?

You need the Pinyin input method to type Chinese Piyu Madri language on your Android.

Can I uninstall Google Pinyin input Android?

Yes, you can uninstall it from the device app settings. You need to open the application menu and remove it from the application list.

What are the benefits of Pinyin?

Pinyin is helpful if you want to learn Chinese vocabulary. You can type Chinese using the Pinyin input method on Android.

What are Pinyin examples?

“hǎo” is a common word in Pinyin. It means “Good” in English.

What happened to Google Pinyin input?

Google Pinyin service was stopped in March 2019. However, you can still download and use it from third-party websites.

What is the alternative to Google Pinyin?

Chinese Keyboard, SwiftKey, Gboard, Sogou, and Chinese Handwriting Keyboard are some good alternatives to Google Pinyin.


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