What Is Com.Android.Externalstorage?

Looking to increase your device storage capacity without disturbing the internal system? Using external storage will be the only solution for you. This is a safe option to read, write, and save data to free up internal storage.

You might have noticed a pop-up box on your Android showing some notifications about “com.android.externalstorage”. But what is com.android.externalstorage? We are going to explore it through this article.

Along with this, we are going to show you the solution to the most common external storage errors. More importantly, you will be able to use the SD card as internal storage on Android phones. So, let’s begin.

What Is Com.Android.Externalstorage?

com.android.externalstorage indicates the authority to access the external storage in Android mobiles.

What does com.android.externalstorage mean?

Com.android.externalstorage specifies the external storage in Android devices. If you get an error message that shows “can’t access to com.android.externalstorage”, it indicates that the particular application doesn’t have permission to access the external storage.

Also, you may get the notification “could not find a part of the path com.android.externalstorage” for a specific file or folder. That means the file path isn’t accessible or the targeted file isn’t available at that location.

When you get that notice while saving a file, it suggests that permission is denied to write the file in that specific folder. In that case, you have to enable permission to access external storage.

We are going to cover the process in the below section of this article.

How To Enable Force Apps To External Storage?

If you want to use an SD card as internal storage on Android phones, you need to force apps to External storage. It will free up extra space for internal storage. Here’s the process.

Step 1: Open Settings & Enable Developer Mode

Open the settings and go to “About Phone”.

What Is Com.Android.Externalstorage

After that, click on the build number several times until it shows that “you are now a developer”.

Step 2: Developer Options

Go to the search bar of settings and search for “Developer Options”.

What Is Com.Android.Externalstorage

Then, click on the developer option from the search list.

Step 3: Enable “Force Allow Apps To Write On External Storage”

Scroll down for the option “Force Allow Apps To Write On External Storage” and enable it.

What Is Com.Android.Externalstorage

It will make any app eligible to write on External storage.

How Can I Find My External Storage on Android?

To find the external storage on your Android device, you have to go to the “File Manager” application from the menu. On some devices, it may show you the name “My Files” or “Files”. Can’t access the default file manager for some reason? In that case, you can install a trusted third-party file manager application from the Play Store.

Where Is Android Storage?

Android has two types of storage: internal storage and external storage. You can find Android storage from the File Manager. Also, you can access, save, move, copy, and paste your files from the file manager.

Why is My SD Card Not Showing Up on Android?

Perhaps, the SD card that you have inserted is not mounted properly. You need to recheck it and mount it again. If it’s not showing even after mounting properly, there might be some errors with the SD card. The card might not be compatible with the device or doesn’t have reading permission.

Best External Storage For Android Phone

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive, SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go, and Samsung Type-C USB Flash Drive are some of the best external storage for Android phones.

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Final Thoughts

Now, you have got an in-depth knowledge of what is com.android.externalstorage. If there is any issue with the external storage on Android, you can solve it by following the above process.

So, this is going to improve your Android device performance by having extra space on internal storage.


What is external storage on Android?

External storage is an additional space provided by an SD card or USB drive through OTG. This is a permission-less and case-sensitive storage system.

How do I access external storage on Android?

Go to the application setting and touch on the application that you want to access. Then, you can access permission to use external storage on Android.

Is external storage safe?

If the external storage has strong encryption, it is absolutely safe to use.

Does external storage increase RAM?

No, increasing external storage doesn’t have any direct connection with increasing the RAM.

What are the risks of using external storage devices?

The possibility of breakdown is higher in external storage compared to internal storage. Also, it’s easy for cyber attackers to install malware in external storage.


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