What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs?

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Hi there, I'm Biajid, a devoted tech lover who specializes in tackling technical difficulties relate...



Last Updated: August 29, 2023

Nobody likes to use an app that crashes or stops working every few minutes! If you are in the same spot, you might want to uninstall the app. But wait, as you can diagnose the fault through com.android.devicelogs. For that, you must get familiar with what is com.android.devicelogs?

In a nutshell, it is a process or system that stores all the events and interactions done by your phone’s apps and features. To find out the faulty reports created by logs, you need to access them. Let’s know how to do so! 

What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs?

The com.android.devicelogs is an integrated system or package that belongs to the Android device logs system. This package makes sure the device logs can properly incorporate or contain Android system-related information. 

Basically, the package lets its source program or Device Logs function uninterruptedly. But what do the Device Logs do? Well, it mainly contains the data of different apps and systems on your phone. 

It lists down the logs or data so that Google developers can analyze how the Android OS and its features are running. To be specific, it stores system behavior so that advanced Android users or developers can track faulty apps or features. 

The Device Logs contain application logs that can help you detect applications’ errors, crashes, and other relevant resources. So, if any of the installed apps crashes or malfunctions, it is possible to report the issue to the developers through the logs. 

Moreover, it incorporates the data that shows how the Android OS interacts with the hardware components. If some apps become buggy or stop working, as a developer, you can understand the issue by accessing the device logs. And the detailed process for that is in the next section. 

How to Access Com.Android.Devicelogs?

If you are a developer, you have a knack for debugging or reporting application bugs, only then you should access the com.android.devicelogs. Also, if you have technical skills, do follow these steps –

Step 1: Developer Mode

Go to About Phone from the main Settings menu and click on the Build number repeatedly seven times. A pop-up will confirm that you have become a developer. It means that you have enabled the Developer Options or mode.

Go back to the menu and toggle on USB Debugging from the Developer Options section.

What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs
What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs

Step 2: Install ADB

Pair the phone and a PC with a USB cable. Then, on your computer, install the ADB SDK tool from the official Android Developer website. 

What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs

Step 3: Set Up the ADB

Locate the downloaded ADB tool and extract it. Then, place it into a specific folder. While the folder is open, simultaneously hold Shift and click anywhere in the folder. 

What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs

Then, from the appeared options, select the “Open PowerShell window”. On the prompt enter the “adb devices” command and run it. You, you will see your phone’s serial number on the p if the ADB is set properlyrompt. 

What Is Com.Android.Devicelogs

Step 4: Access Device Logs

On the command prompt, type “adb logcat” and press Enter. Then it will show the device logs of Android. Scroll through to find the preferred logs and find what is wrong with the crashing apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can you clear the device logs?

Yes, if you use the ADB tool, you can quickly clear the device logs as per your preference. Also, some Android phones or third–party software lets the users clear these logs without using the ADB method. 

Do you need to root your phone to access com.android.devicelogs?

No. Without rooting your phone, you can access the device logs through ADB and Windows command prompt. However, the rooted phone does not require an ADB tool to access these logs. 

Can you report application bugs through device logs?

Yes. If you enable the developer options mode on Android, it lets you report application bugs. For that, you need to create the report in developer mode. 


Unless you are a developer or tech geek, you might not know what is com.android.devicelogs. Because its existence is not in the general format like other Android apps. As this system analyzes the apps and other system features, you should not mess with it unless you know what you are doing!

If you want to access it, experts recommend the ADB access path. And avoid rooting the OS to prevent any unwanted bricking or crash of your phone’s OS.


Hi there, I'm Biajid, a devoted tech lover who specializes in tackling technical difficulties related to Android phones and operating systems. Over the years, I've gained extensive experience in resolving complex issues and have become a seasoned expert in the field. I'm delighted to have you on my website, and I'm confident that the resources and solutions provided here will prove to be valuable to you

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Last Updated: August 29, 2023

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