What Is Com.Android.Carrierconfig?

Android network operators or carriers launch a lot of updates so that you can get the best of the network services. And most of them are embedded in their com.android.carrierconfig pack. Once you know what is com.android.carrierconfig, you will understand the potential of your network services. 

Indeed, it is a network system package that functions on your phone. Thus, you can call or text someone over the mobile network without any issues. But what if it malfunctions? Let’s know the solutions for such oops moments!

What Is Com.Android.Carrierconfig?

The com.android.carrierconfig is a system or package of Android carrier or network settings program. Mobile network operators, also known as carriers, generally preload the package on Android devices. 

It works together with the configuration setting so that your phone network has uninterrupted connectivity. It stores the files and resources necessary to make adjustments to the network settings. These settings enable the users to use the calling features, SMS or MMS, non–roaming, and roaming networks. 

This package processes and functions on your phone whenever you use the mobile network features. Some carrier operators have their own apps so that the users can easily access their services.

And this package ensures the app functions properly. To get the best of these features, you should keep the package updated. 

How to Update the Com.Android.Carrierconfig? 

As the com.android.carrierconfig belongs to the carrier settings, you need to update to the new carrier or network setting to keep the package updated. For that, follow these easy-peasy steps:

  • Open the main Settings screen and scroll through the options.
  • Click on More and Mobile Networks followed by “Carrier Settings.” 
  • In some devices, the carrier settings might be named network settings under the software information section or About Phone menu.
What Is Com.Android.Carrierconfig
  • Tap the Update Profile or Install Carrier Updates.
What Is Com.Android.Carrierconfig
  • Wait for a few minutes, once the update is installed, restart the phone. And you can access the new carrier configuration features. 

How to Solve If the Com.Android.Carrierconfig Stops Working? 

Sometimes, the com.android.carrierconfig stops working. And you will notice an error message that flashes “no network available” or the “carrier configuration error.”

Without fixing it, you cannot access the network connectivity and other mobile network services. And to fix it, follow these methods –

1. Change Network Mode

Based on your smartphone and available network services, you will have several network modes. Unfortunately, your set network mode can stop working at times due to faulty codes or glitches. In that case, change the mode right away with these steps:

  • Explore the main Settings menu, followed by the Network and Internet section.
  • Tap the Mobile Network menu. And note that the name might not be the same across all smartphones.
What Is Com.Android.Carrierconfig
  • Click on Network Mode and change the mode to any available 2G/3G/4G/5G mode.
What Is Com.Android.Carrierconfig

After a while, set the mode to your preferred mode. This readjustment will load back the network connectivity.

2. Readjust Sim 

If the sim card misplaces itself from its slot, you will have trouble with the configuration features. In order to fix the sim card, all you have to do is:

  • Carefully remove the sim from its tray with a sim remover tool:  
  • Wipe it with a clean and dry cloth. 
  • Place the sim in its slot gently. 

Now, the network connection should be back to normal!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):  

What happens if the com.android.carrierconfig is outdated? 

If you do not update the com.android.carrierconfig package, you will miss out on the new network features provided by the network operators. The worst is, the network might crash. 

Do I need to update Android software to update com.android.carrierconfig?

No, you do not need to update your Android OS, as the carrier configurations updates are OTA based. It means that these updates work independently without the software update of your phone.

Do all network providers have the same carrier configuration services?

No, different network operators or carriers deliver their unique services to the clients. However, some of the basic configurations such as voice calling or SMS options remain similar. 


Most Android users are familiar with simple app names on their phones. Hence, when they find out about the carrier configuration package, they get panic attacks over what is com.android.carrierconfig.

They assume that it is a virus that sneaked into their phone. But it is one of the most essential systems of the network modes or features. However, if you cannot enable the package features as discussed above, we advise contacting the mobile network operator. 


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