What Is Circular Android System App?

Some software is so obscure in names that they go over the general understanding of most Android users. And “Circular” is one of them that has no description to know it better. So, what is circular android system app? Is it spyware or malware?

Circular is a pre-installed icon package for Android app icons. The manufacturers have installed it on most OS. Furthermore, it provides the software icons with a circular or squircle backdrop. Therefore, the default home screen icons look similar in shape. 

If you want to distinguish the icons by their stock shapes and logos, the default features of the app are not for you. Fortunately, I am here to show you how to change its default settings. Let’s start reading!

What Is Circular Android System App?

Circular android system app is a pre-installed software that provides OEM devices with circular icons for all the apps on Android. To break it down, upon opening the home screen of the phone, the icons or logos of the apps look constrained in circular shapes. It happens because of the Circular theme pack. 

What Is Circular Android System App

Since Google has rolled out the adaptive icons update, some Android OS displays their icons in squircle (a shape between a circle and a square) frames. Whereas, other OS displays the software icons in circular shapes.

And without the pre-installed Circular app, it is not possible for the OS to give the icons such backgrounds or frames. 

Is Circular Android System App Spyware?

These days, Spywares are so good at disguising them as system apps. And according to Sophos, malicious apps or spyware mostly use the name Google Youtube, Google, Chrome, Or system updates to stay unsuspicious on the home screen. 

So, I can guess why Android users doubt Circular upon encountering its existence. The good news is the app is totally harmless. 

Device manufacturers pre-install the Circular app to make icon customization easy on Android. On its info page, there is no uninstall button, which is the case with all pre-installed software. So, as long as the Circular app is not from any third-party site or source, it is pretty much safe. 

Can You Change the Icon Shapes from Circular App?

It is not possible to do anything within the Circular app as Android has removed the feature to change shape icons from the home settings. So, to change the default shapes here is the method to look for –

1. Developer Options

The Circular app package does come with the feature to change the default shapes of the icons. But for that, advanced “Developer Options” have to be activated. And these are the steps to that:

Step 1: Open “Advanced” Settings

Expand the default Settings page and scroll down to the “Advanced” section. In some phones, the latter section can be under the System header. From the Advanced entry, open About Phone to find the Build Number. 

What Is Circular Android System App

Step 2: Access “Developer Mode”

Continuously tap the Build Number header until the screen popup confirms that you are a developer. Note that phone security might require the PIN or lock pattern before activating the developer mode.

Step 3: Find Developer Options

Upon unlocking the developer mode, the system will incorporate the Developer Options in the Settings entry. To find it, jump back to the Settings page and expand the System entry. Then, from the “Advanced” section, click on Developer Options. 

Step 4: Change the Circular Theme

What Is Circular Android System App

After toggling the Developer Options slider, scroll down to click the Icon Shape. It will open the built-in circular shapes menu available to choose from.

Select the preferred shape for the icons to give them a new look apart from the default one. Just a reminder that the options are not very lucrative here. So, for numerous options, follow the next section.

Is There Any Way to Remove Circular System App Features?

Android pre-installed apps like Circular reduce the theme or icon setup tasks for most android users. But not everyone wants the boring looks of the icons the app provides.

But, why sigh over the limited features of the system app when Android supports third-party apps to custom the icon shapes? Here is more to it-

1. Moonshine

Not up for the icons constrained in default frames and want the icons to appear without any background? Then, the Moonshine app is just about the perfect choice. The 1 million and growing subscribers are proof of it. 

All apps are unique in their logos and shapes. And to feature them on the home screen in their actual shape without any pre-installed frames, get the Moonshine app from the Play Store. Because it has a feature to change the default shapes to the stock icons or logos of the installed apps. 

2. Zwart

For Android users with a preference for monochromatic looks of icon shapes, Zwart is the answer. This app is compatible with almost all versions of OS and third-party launchers. 

After downloading and choosing Zwart as the default icon pack, the circular app features will no longer work in the background. And the apps’ icons will appear in their stock logos or shapes in a black-and-white theme.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 

Is Disabling the Circular App Safe?

It is not easy to install a pre-installed package like Circular. But using third-party icon package apps will safely disable its functions. 

Can You Uninstall the Circular App?

Circular does not come with an uninstall button. So, without rooting or PowerShell commands, it is almost impossible to delete the app. 

Why Do the Icons Look Circular on My Phone?

As per the new update of Google, the icons will have circular or squircle shapes around them. It makes the icon look organized. 


Even if you use your phone every day, there are some apps on it that you know nothing about! And going through the system apps list will introduce you to the “circular app” sooner or later.  That’s where the question arrives – What is circular android system app?

In a nutshell, it is pre-installed software that provides a united background shape to the app icons. Sophos experts suggest that there is nothing to freak out about the app as long as you have not downloaded it from a third-party site. So, no need to remove it.


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