What is Aura Services on Android?

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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

Developers keep on launching software that can provide Android users with a better user experience. And Aura is one such software that covers plenty of features and services. Most PC users associate these services with desktops. But Android phones also have started including this software.

What is aura services on Android? Indeed, they’re mostly for customizing the display from the quick-access notifications and improving the phone’s performance. Also, they provide apps that cover mindfulness and photo-sharing services for smartphone users. 

The buzz around the Aura services is for their effectiveness in improving not only phone operations but also for aiding Android users’ daily lives. And to reflect a detailed overview of that, I will break down the services right here!

What Is Aura Services on Android?

Aura services provide smartphone users with UI customization, notification settings, wellness guidelines, and photo cloud storage services. Android phones running on marshmallow 5.00 or higher are compatible with these services.   

When it comes to Aura software and its features, there are more or less mentions of Asus. Because Aura services initially revolved around display customization and performance enhancement of the Asus devices, especially for accessing the quick notification panel, knowing the weather updates, and boosting device performance. 

As the Aura com services run in the background, it is easier to access the notification panel to change display brightness, sound and access other settings. Also, Asus launched the Aura sync software. 

Moreover, it helps selected Android apps synchronize with the RGB color fitted into the Android head unit. However, Asus developers have stopped rolling updates for the Aura sync. 

Later, developers launched the Aura App and Aura Frame solely to deliver wellness and photo-sharing services respectively. And to make Aura services more familiar, I will dive deeper into these apps’ features and purposes in the next section.

Can Aura Services Be Good for Android Users?

There are more to get benefits from the Aura services apart from the interface customization, smoother performance, and quick access to the settings. And all thanks to the Aura App and Aura Home!

These two apps feature services that can help their users to build mindfulness and a personal memory lane of digital photos. In order to pop the bubbles of confusion, let’s get into the services these Aura apps provide –

1. Aura App 

Aura App includes some therapies and exercise guides that can help its users to create a personalized routine for well-being. And the plus point is, this app includes cognitive therapies, meditation guidelines, sleep exercises, and wellness tips recommended by professional therapists and life coaches.  

After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, the app interface lets the users engage within the different sections. And one of them is to answer its “What’s Bring You Here, Today” question to set your personal needs.

From that point, you can choose whether to follow coaches, practice exercise sessions or listen to relaxing music. 

Once the app collects the inputs of the users regarding mental and physical well-being, it starts sending reminders for need-based services. For example, it can send push notifications to form a habit that can help to gain an improved body, mind, and personality.

However, it does not bother sending numerous pop ups. Users can choose the type of notifications and pop-up time for them as per their preferences. 

What is Aura Services on Android
What is Aura Services on Android

Its high degree of simplicity to use and several features to choose from for creating a mindful and healthy lifestyle make it one of the best services of Aura. This is the reason that among its users almost 97% report its services to be effective. 

2. Aura Frame

What is Aura Services on Android

Not everyone prefers to use social media when it comes to creating memories through photos. And therefore, Aura services have launched the Aura Frame app. It makes photo sharing a breeze for multiple users in a personalized and customized frame.

Only friends or family invited to share the frame can view its content and upload photos in it. So, safety is never an issue with this app.

The Aura Frame users do not need to worry about running out of space. Because one can upload unlimited photos on this platform over Wi-Fi. This app allows users to create several frames or albums for different joint or shared accounts and festivals.

You can also digitally send gifts and feedback to an Aura Frame account on special days. And you can set which photo to display on the digital frame through the app.

So, to make the moments private and special through photos is a great medium. And it is free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Do Aura Services Come with Free Aura Home Services?

Most of the services provided by Aura software are free. But you can choose premium plans by subscribing to the Aura wellness app.

If you use the free services, meditation, hypnosis, and therapies are fewer options to choose from. And the paid subscription allows the users to access unlimited content.

Is Aura Frame Secure?

Yes. Aura Frame is safe and secure because it does not store the users’/ login data. So, there is no question of selling the data you share on their platform. And if users don’t have access to view your album, they cannot save and misuse the photos.

 Can You Turn Off the Aura Services?

Yes, you can turn off the basic Aura services from the settings. Disabling the Aura services in the background will be enough to do so. Once you turn it off, Asus devices might not run smoothly.

However, to get rid of other services, simply uninstall the apps.


You probably have heard of Aura services for desktops. But their ventures with Android are comparatively new. So, I can understand your concern about what is aura services on Android, especially if you have come across one of their bloatware on the phone’s settings.

And they are mainly UI customization and performance enhancement suites. Aura has recently launched two of its ventures: Aura App and Aura Frame to help you with well-being and digital photo sharing.

Note that you can turn off the services from the Aura software. But experts recommend enabling them to boost your phone’s performance.


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