What Does The Green Dot Mean On Android Messages?

It seems like you have just noticed a green dot light on your Android message app. What does it actually suggest? Through this article, you will learn about what does the green dot mean on Android messages. We will also share what the small green dot means on the Android Status Bar.

Like other messaging applications, the green dot on Android messages means the person is online to receive messages instantly. It also indicates the person is using RCS (Rich Communication Services).

The tiny green dot light on the Android status bar means an application is using your device’s Camera or Microphone. The application could be opened in the foreground or running in the background.

What Does The Green Dot Indicate On Android Messages?

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Android Messages

Google introduced (Rich Communication Services) RCS to their “Messaging” Application for the US Android version back in 2019. With the assistance of this feature, users can communicate with each other more conveniently. Now, you can see if the receiver is online like the other popular messaging applications like Messenger, SnapChat, or iMessage through Android Messages. The green dot is the indication that the contact person is currently online.

So, he will be able to receive your messages instantly. At the same time, you can see whether the person has opened your text or not. If the person is replying to your text, the Messages application will indicate it with “Typing” written on small-size text.

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Messages?

If you notice a blue dot with a contact on Android messages that means the person is also using the Android Messaging Application with Rich Communication Services. So, you can share text with the person using your mobile data.

On that note, you don’t have to pay any charge to cellular network service providers. Alongside this, you can also share high-quality images and voice messages through Android Messages. Overall, it will enhance your messaging experience.

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Android Status Bar?

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Android Messages

In the latest Android devices, you may notice a little green light like a dot on the Android status bar. Is that an indication that someone is spying on you? Actually, the green dot indicates that an application is currently using your device’s camera or microphone. It could be the currently running application in the foreground.

Also, some applications use a Camera or Microphone while running in the background. For example, if you turn on the recording application and minimize it, it will keep accessing the microphone in the background. In that case, you will notice a green dot light on your Android status bar. Have you got this clear? I think so.

How To Turn Off the Green Dot On Android Messages? Turn RCS Chats On Or Off

To turn off the small green dot light on Android messages you have to turn off the RCS chat features in Google Messages. Here’s an easy explanation of this process.

  1. Open The Android Messages Application By Google
  2. Tap on the three dots from the top-right corner
  3. Select “RCS Chats” or Chat Features
  4. Choose RCS Chats “Turn off”

It will disable the RCS chat features on your device. As a result, you don’t see any green dots with contacts on Android Messages. It will also stop showing you online to other users. Would you like to turn on the RCS chats to turn on the Green dot line? In that case, you have to go to the RCS chat features from the Messaging application. Then, you have to turn on the RCS chat option.

What Does The Green Dot Mean On An iPhone?

In iPhone, a green dot on the notification bar means that an application is using the camera or microphone of your device.  To turn the light off, you have to close the application.

Some people question if someone can monitor you through the device camera. No, there is no possibility of real-time monitoring by any third-party app.   

Wrap Up

At this point, we have clarified what the green dot means on Android Messages. Now, you should not be getting confused about the green dot light in Samsung Mobile or any other Android device. If you notice any suspicious 3rd party application that is accessing the Camera or the Microphone, you should uninstall the application immediately. Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about the green dot light on Android mobile.


What does the green dot next to contact mean on Android?

The green dot next to contact means the person is available online to chat in Google Messages.

How do you know someone read your message on Android?

Two blue check marks are the confirmation that the message was read by the recipient. The receiver needs to have the RCS chat feature enabled to get the indication.  

How do I turn off the green dot on my Android?

To turn off the green dot on your Android status bar, you have to close the application that is using the camera or microphone.

Why do some text Messages say read and others don’t on Android?

If the receiver has enabled the read receipts, you will get the message delivery report. When the receiver disables the read receipt feature, you won’t be able to get read repeat.

What do texts look like when you are blocked?

If you see a short red flag or can’t see the delivery report, it indicates that the receiver might have blocked you. The text color will remain the same.


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