What Is Samsung Multi Connectivity App

If you have recently bought the Samsung Book laptop, you will come across the Samsung Multi Control or Connectivity feature. As the app is not available on all Samsung devices, it is usual to wonder, “What is Samsung multi connectivity app.”

It is a linking app to connect specific Samsung devices and share files. Also, it aids in editing the transferred files. And with it controlling the linked devices is easier. It allows monitoring and using some connected Galaxy tablets, phones, and TVs. 

To use its features, you require certain settings and setups. For your convenience, I will walk you through them, including some quick workarounds to deal with when it glitches. So let’s move on!

What Is Samsung Multi Connectivity App?

Samsung Multi Connectivity App is a program that enables users to connect different Samsung Book series devices with their Samsung phones or tablets.

Also, it helps to connect the car’s Bluetooth feature and mirror the screen. With this app, you can monitor and control the connected devices.

The interface is beginner friendly. So even tech novices can go through the settings to link smart devices. You can also share your profile with other linked profiles for better integration and management of data.

On its dashboard, it shows the status of the unified profiles and devices. From its screen, you can modify the settings as well. This program allows you to send alerts to connected Samsung TVs or phones for better security and data transfer.

And note that the app is only compatible with specific Galaxy models, specifically Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Book3 Ultra series.

What Are the Features of the Samsung Multi Connectivity App?

In order to provide Galaxy users with rising productivity across devices, Samsung has been improving the multi-connectivity features! Here is what it offers –

1. Sharing between Galaxy Devices 

Once you connect two Galaxy devices or smartphones through the program, you can quickly switch between two devices and share content.

And if you connect the Galaxy book series with them, you can use its keypad to control the other linked phones. It allows you to copy content from smartphones and paste it into the Samsung book laptop series. 

What Is Samsung Multi Connectivity App

2. PC and Phone Connectivity 

Connecting your Samsung computer and phone is just a matter of a few clicks in the multi-connectivity app! The program features Quick Share so that you can wirelessly transfer photos, videos, and documents from pc to phone and vice versa. The sharing happens wirelessly without connecting any USB cable. 

What Is Samsung Multi Connectivity App

You can check your phone’s notifications and status through the connected pc. The Recent Website feature will let you resume browsing the websites on the computer. So, you will not have to go through the visit history of your phone to surf the sites on the computer!

3. Quick Photo Share and Edit 

After connecting the Samsung Book and smartphones, the multi-connectivity syncs photos through the Expert RAW feature. Just click and shoot content with RAW, and they will be directly saved on the Galaxy book for editing. 

What Is Samsung Multi Connectivity App

Use the S pen and 360-degree feature to edit the shared photos with detailing. So, the multi-device connectivity makes it quicker to create and edit projects at any angle in the book series.  

Here is a detailed video on the multi-control features:

How to Set Up the Samsung Multi Connectivity App?

To experience multi-control, you will need a Galaxy Book series laptop launched in 2021 and later. The model should feature Samsung Setting 1.5 to 3.00 version.

Otherwise, you will not be able to turn on the multi-connectivity. If you have the required device and setting, follow the process below: 

  • From the Settings of the phone, find out application menu followed by the Multi Connectivity or Connected Devices section.
  • Then, turn on the Multi Control option and wait for the confirmation message to appear on the laptop screen. 
  • Once you have linked the device, a pop-up will show the connection status. Now you are all set to monitor and control the devices under one app. 

What is Com.Samsung.Android.MSFServer Android?

The Com.Samsung.Android. MSFServer is the associated package of the multi–control app Samsung Multi Connectivity. It is an essential extension of the app so that the program can function correctly. Also, it stores some of the data of the connectivity application.

There are apk packages available for this app on different APK sites. Do not download them unless the site is authentic. Or else, the package can invite viruses to your phone.

Note that the package comes pre-installed on specific Galaxy devices. It is better to keep it on without disabling it so that you get its recent updated information. Or else you can miss out on several features.

What to Do If the Samsung Multi-Connectivity Does not Work?

Sometimes, you might face problems connecting the devices with the program. It happens due to system issues. Here is how you can fix them: 

  • Make sure the devices you are trying to link share the same Samsung profile. If they are not, link them to a unified profile before turning on the multi-control.
  • Check the Settings on the laptop are of the recent version. If not, update it right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is the Samsung Multi Connectivity App Safe?

If it has come pre-installed or you have downloaded it from the Galaxy store, it is safe. However, its apk package that is available on different sideload sites might contain viruses.

Can You Use Multi–Control Features on All Galaxy Series?

No, you cannot! As of now, the manufacturers have not made the connectivity app compatible with all Galaxy models. You will definitely need the recently launched Book series computer to use the app. 

Can You Transfer Large Files Through Multi–Connectivity?

Yes, within a few seconds, you can transfer large files to different devices. Because the app features a quick share function to help you send such documents without dropping their quality.


Recently on different Samsung forums, the most posted query is “what is Samsung multi connectivity app.” As it is quite a new addition to some specific devices, Galaxy users have little idea about it. It increases the productivity of multi-taskers that use multiple screens at the same time.

In case you have further queries on its features, you can contact the Samsung Support team. Sometimes, the app can glitch, and the connection might break often. In that case, I’d suggest restarting your phone and computer, as it fixes the connection and network faults. 


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