How to Show Date Notification Bar Android (Answered)

Not everyone has the preference to carry a manual calendar. And opening the calendar from the phone can be frustrating at times. In such scenarios, the date shown on the notification bar is the savior. But these days, most Android OS is cutting off that feature!

So how to show date notification bar android? Basically, there are third-party customization apps available these days. They include features to access the date quickly. Alternatively, Google’s hidden menu or System UI works almost equally.

Before you jump right into these apps, note that all of them are not compatible with an earlier OS. But don’t worry, as I’ll guide you with their alternative process right here!

How to Show Date Notification Bar Android?

After swiping down from the top of an Android screen used to show the date on the notification bar. But from some smartphone models, the developers have removed the option to see the date. Indeed, it is a common issue for the Pixel phone user.

And in such cases, the quick workaround is as follows:

  • Swipe down to the center or bottom of the screen from the upper screen or status bar to access the quick-access settings.
  • From the expanded status or notification bar click on the cogwheel icon for going to the Settings page.
  • However, for different series of phones, the Settings icon can look different. It can be a three-dotted or hamburger icon as well. 
  • From Settings scroll down and open the About Phone section. On most phones, it should be at the bottom of the list. 
  • Choose Contact Us or Send Feedback to report your complaint or requirement for Date visibility on the bar. 
  • The development team will get back to you with a solution or alternative to adding the date on the bar. 
  • That said, waiting to customize the bar with Date visibility might not be everyone’s cup of tea. And considering that, I will explore the processes to show the date on the bar.

How to Set Date on the Notification Bar without Rooting?

When it comes to status or notification bar customization, sticking to the stock Android OS is pretty barebone. So, some users root the devices to add dates on the bar. But it costs the warranty features!

And if you do not want a premature death of your phone’s warranty, here are the steps –

Step 1: Enable Permissions

From the Google Play Store, download the free Super Status Bar app and open its home page. For the app to run smoothly, allow the permissions required by clicking on the toggles from the setup pages. 

How to Show Date Notification Bar Android

Step 2: Modification

Click on the Modify tab from the home interface of the app. Then turn on the desired customization option(s) required for setting the date icon.

Based on the compatibility of the device, the app can allow users to set and show the calendar or date feature.  However, the customization might not be available for devices running on Android 11 or below.

How to Show Date Notification Bar Android

Step 3: Customization

Sometimes, this date modification can be under the Custom tab. For that, swipe right and scroll down the toggles available there. Upon finding the Date feature, enable it.

Nevertheless, the feature might be available at times upon subscribing to the premium version. 

Step 4: Access the UI Menu

Accessing the System UI Tuner App from the Play Store can load all the hidden tweaks available for notification and status bar customization. For Android 12 and higher, downloading the app to customize through the UI features is enough.

But for the earlier versions of the OS, following the method described below is a must to unlock the UI services. 

How to Show the Date on the Notification Bar without a Third-Party App?

Sometimes, the earlier OS versions do not support the UI tuner app available on the Play Store. And enabling the developer option from the phone’s in-built Settings is the way out to unlock the hidden menus meant for notification bar customization.

Without any delays, let’s get into the steps –

Step 1: Access Build Number

Find the “About Device” or Phone option from the list on the Settings page and scroll down to the Build Number. Alternatively, searching “Build Number” in the search bar of the settings screen will equally do the job.

Step 2: Enable the Developer Settings

Click on the Build Number continuously seven times without any longer pause or delay in between. It will activate the Developer Options with the popup that says you are now a Developer. 

Then, tap back to the main page of the Settings screen to enable the Developer Options toggle switch.

How to Show Date Notification Bar Android

Step 3: Activate the System UI

Let’s swipe down the notification bar and long-press the three-dotted or cogwheel Settings icon until a toast message says, “The System UI Tuner Has Been Unlocked.”

How to Show Date Notification Bar Android

Step 4: Go Through the UI Features 

Lastly, tap on the Settings icon from the app drawer or notification bar to land on the System UI Tuner located on the screen’s bottom. Then, click on the Status or Notification Bar to adjust the date that appears with the notification icons on the bar.

Remember that based on the phone models, the features available on the tuner can be different.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is the System UI Tuner Free to Use?

Yes, it is a free hidden menu for rearranging the notification tiles on the bar. It sometimes helps to set the date on the notification bar. Furthermore, its supporting app that goes by the same title is also free to use.

However, the app is not compatible with the older versions of Android OS.

Why Can’t I See the Date on Notification Bar on Android?

 Most new Android OS does not include the feature to show the date on the notification bar. And on some phones, it is a glitch from the developers.

If updating the OS does not help with the issue, you need to use third-party apps or developer options. 

Are the Notification Bar Customization Apps Safe?

As long as you download the apps from an authentic source or site, you are good to go. But sideloading from malicious sites can be risky to your data.


If you are unaware of the date, it’s common to forget your meeting or special day. And accessing the date from the notification bar confirms you do not end up in such trouble.

But as Android isn’t adding the date on display recently, anybody can ask how to show date notification bar android? But as you can see, it’s easier with the Super Status Bar and system UI Tuner app!

Before downloading any app, I’d recommend you report to the developers to ensure a quick return of the feature. If it does not work, follow my given methods.


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