How to Reset Mophie Power Bank: Here is the Easy-Peasy Way!

What if you have just connected your iPhone to the Mophie power bank, and all of a sudden, you start noticing that the battery is not charging? Instead of getting into a repair store, a quick reset might solve this bummer. Now, you may ask, “How to reset Mophie power bank in no time?

From the outlet, unplugging the charger is your first task. Other steps require you to locate the power button, hold it for a few seconds, and so on, which I will describe right here in today’s write-up!

Why is My Mophie Not Charging My iPhone: 4 Possible Reasons

How to Reset Mophie Power Bank

Being a tech product, it is pretty common for your Mophie power bank to face complications, just like other power banks. So you may ask, “Why is my Mophie not charging phone, especially the iPhone?” Well, here are the potential reasons listed below:

1. Inappropriate Power Supply

Sometimes, your Mophie power bank may stop working when it gets issues with the power supply. It mostly occurs if it has ended up with a power shortage. A defective socket is another common culprit behind an inappropriate power supply!

In other cases, chances are the Mophie wireless charger blinking not charging. This is another common hint of an inappropriate power supply.

2. Issues with the Software

This problem is related to your iPhone, where the charger stops working for the software glitches. I’d say malware and viruses are responsible for that bummer, which might damage both your iOS device and the Mophie charger.

3. Bulky iPhone Case

If you are a user of Mophie wireless chargers, make sure to rely on wireless charging stands, pads, and mounts. Because they will smoothly work through a sensor.

How to Reset Mophie Power Bank

But when you overlook their necessity, stay assured that the bulky iPhone case will bring a negative impact on the efficiency between the charging sensor and iPhone!

4. Dirtiness

Dust, pet hair, and such annoying stuff are liable to block the charging port of your Mophie power bank. Even if you are a user of the wireless version, stubborn dust can be an obstacle to the wireless sensor!

In that case, it is pretty common for your Mophie power bank to stop responding. In case you are facing the same problem, feel free to take your charger to the nearest repair store to get those ports clean and dirt-free.

What Are the Different Ways to Fix Mophie Power Bank Not Charging Issue?

Put a smile on your face because even if the reasons for Mophie power bank not-working are many, their solutions are multiple too! And some of them are as follows:

1. Restarting your iPhone

This is considered the primary and initial way to fix the issue. Sometimes, when the iPhone faces complications from the software problem, a quick restart can instantly solve the issue with charging. All you need is to restart your device, and then re-plug the charging cord.

To force-restart a stuck iPhone 13, feel free to watch the given video:

2. Checking the Compatibility

It is mandatory to ensure that the iPhone and Mophie power bank are quite friendly to each other. For this, pay attention to the “Qi-enabled” charging option for confirmation. I’d say it is safe to read the specifications and user manual of the iPhone and power bank to see whether they match or not.

3. Update your iOS

How to Reset Mophie Power Bank

Believe it or not, a backdated version of the iOS can cause not-charging issues with the Mophie power bank. So keep your device updated, especially when you notice your iPhone has got a new update.

4. Resetting the Mophie Power Bank

If there are no issues with the compatibility and iPhone device, rest assured that the power bank is in need of a reset. In fact, it is the most effective way to fix the “power bank not-charging” problem. For that, experts do recommend unplugging the charger from the socket and then re-plug it.  

How to Reset Mophie Power Bank

Now that you know the necessity of resetting the Mophie power bank, it is time to teach you how to do so. There will be some basic steps to perform the reset, which are given below:

  • First off, get the power bank unplugged from the nearest power socket.
  • Locate the power switch of the Mophie power bank, and then keep holding it for up to 10 seconds.
  • Now, get the power bank plugged in once again, and then restart it to see whether it is working or not.

Note: Some specific Mophie wireless charger has incorporated an individual “reset button,” which stands on the rear of the charging case to reset the Mophie device effortlessly.

Tips to Maintain Mophie Power Bank

Proper maintenance is the key to keeping any device safe and long-lasting, so the Mophie power bank is no exception! Many factors like heat, water, electric shock, and charging cord may significantly affect the overall health of your power bank. So consider following the given tips listed below:

  • Avoid using dirt-cheap and third-party cables. Rather, rely on the power bank’s original USB cable.
  • Do not charge your iPhone during the time of charging your power bank.
  •  Keep your Mophie power bank at bay from extreme sunlight and direct heat.
  • Incompatibility issues can significantly affect the battery health of the power bank. So make sure the iPhone is friendly with the Morphie charger.
How to Reset Mophie Power Bank
  • If possible, keep the charging port clean and tidy using a small-sized toothbrush or cotton bud.
  • Both undercharging and overcharging the Mophie power bank can lead to damage to the battery. So avoid both of them by always observing the light indicator. Also, do not drain the power bank’s battery completely.
  • While charging, avoid using your iPhone device as this can cause severe damage to both the Mophie power bank and smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How many times can you charge the Mophie 20000 power bank?

Depending on the care, and the way you treat your Mophie 20,000 power bank, it can roughly deliver a total of 500 charge cycles. The cycle may go slightly up if you make the proper use of your power bank.

Is the Mophie power bank prone to explode?

Just like other typical power banks, the Mophie power bank may cause an explosion, especially when you overcharge it or have poor power cells.

Is it worth spending on the Mophie power bank?

Yes, because the Mophie power bank can give you plenty of charge cycles, keeping it long-lasting with proper use and maintenance. It also performs pretty well with the iPhone, especially if you maintain the device-compatibility perfectly.

Should you charge your iPhone and Mophie power bank at the same time?

Usually, experts do not recommend charging the power bank and iPhone at the same time as it may bring unnecessary pressure to both devices. Instead, juice up your Mophie completely and then charge your phone through that.


Based on the steps mentioned above on how to reset Mophie power bank, it will be quite hassle-free to fix the “not-working” issue. In fact, this requires only 2-3 minutes to get the whole job done effortlessly!

But sometimes, even after resetting the power bank, it is possible for the Mophie to still not respond. In this case, I’d suggest you take necessary support from the repair store. Hopefully, they will help you know whether the cord/battery should be replaced or if a slight repair would be okay. 


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