How to Remove NFL App from Android (Explained)

Recently, the most discussed topic of Verizon subscribers is how to remove NFL app from android. Because most of them cannot access the uninstall button from the app info page. And not everyone likes to keep apps like the NFL they do not use. 

A third-party app like System App Remover is a big help to remove NFL from rooted Android without a PC. Also, for non-rooted phones, using the ADB command prompt can uninstall it apart from the default Uninstall button.

Sometimes, finding the package name of the app you want to uninstall can be a bigger headache than uninstalling. In order to make it snap, I am here to explain the efficient alternative!

How to Remove NFL APP from Android without PC?

Removing pre-installed apps or bloatware like the NFL is not easy unless you have a rooted phone. Otherwise, removing the stubborn pre-installed packages requires a pc connection. Here is what to do –

  • Open the Google Play Store app to get the System Remover app developed by JUMOBILE. Note that this app is compatible with rooted devices only. 
  • From the setup page, permit all access the app requires. 
  • Swipe left or right to open the Menu option of the app. Then, go to the system app section to view the list of all pre-installed apps. 
  • Alternatively, use the search icon to access the NFL app and tick the box beside it. 
How to Remove NFL App from Android
  • Tap the delete trash bin icon at the top or choose the uninstall popup below. If necessary, confirm the action from the message that displays. In a few seconds, the system will remove NFL. 
  • From the app’s system menu, land on the Recycle Bin section to delete the NFL history from there as well. 

How to Remove NFL APP from Android without Rooting?

Rooting does come with the freedom to remove the unwanted NFL in a jiffy but at the cost of security. A rooted phone is vulnerable to hacking and the worst part is the manufacturers will not provide a warranty to fix it.

Sounds like a nightmare? Well, follow the steps below to get rid of the Android app without any issues –

Step 1: Access Settings

Expand the Settings entry by clicking on the cogwheel icon located at the top of the quick-access panel or the app drawer. The icon can be three vertical lines or three dots based on the different OS. 

 Step 2: Activate the Developer Options

From the About Phone section, tap the Build Number no more or less than seven times without any stop or pause in between. It enables the developer options with the popup that says, “You are a developer.”

How to Remove NFL App from Android

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging

The Settings page or the System menu should have the Developer Options section, enter it. Look for the USB Debugging slider under the Debugging header and toggle it. Allow it to activate by clicking “Ok” from the warning popup.

How to Remove NFL App from Android

Step 4: Install ADB

With a USB cable, ensure to connect the PC to the Android device and set the USB settings to MTP mode. Download the required ADB tools and files for your OS and unzip the contents by extracting them into an accessible folder.

Step 5: Enter Command Prompt

Browse the folder or directory that contains the extracted ADB files. Simultaneously press the shift key and right-click over the blank place or name of the folder. And open the command prompt by clicking on the “open command/PowerShell here.”

Step 6: Authorize the Connection 

Enter and execute the adb devices scripts to run the ADB daemon and grant the permission popup on the phone to authorize the connection between the phone and the computer.

Re-execute the adb devices command to see the serial number of the connected phone on the prompt. The numbers mean the connection is okay.

Step 7: Find NFL Package

Without the package name, it is not possible to remove the NFL app completely without rooting. So, install and open the App Inspector app to land on the NFL info page and note down the package name. 

Step 8: Find Package with ADB

If App Inspector is not available, execute the adb devices command, and run the following command on the ADB terminal. And it will show all the packages on the screen. From there, copy the NFL package.

How to Remove NFL App from Android

Step 9: Remove NFL

Lastly, on the command prompt, execute the following command, and within a few seconds, the app will be gone from the phone. Do not add any “” or < > with the command scripts. Also, do not italicize the command scripts. 

How to Remove NFL App from Android

How to Get Rid of NFL from Android without PC and Rooting?

Not all NFL dislikers want to root or operate the PC to remove this pre-installed storage-sucking app. And for them, the solution is right below:

  • Open the Settings entry and click on the All Apps section, specifically the system apps, to enter the NFL page.
  • From the info page, click on the Uninstall or Disable button. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is Disabling the NFL App Same as Uninstalling?

No, disabling and uninstalling are two different processes. Disabling the NFL app will remove it from your home screen. It will not operate in the background. But it is there on the system. 

Why Can’t I Uninstall the NFL App?

If the carrier or manufacturer has pre-installed the NFL app on your phone, you will not find the uninstall button. You will have to root or use the ADB prompt to remove it. 

Is Uninstalling the NFL App Safe?

Yes, it is safe to remove the NFL app. Your phone’s performance is not dependent on this app. 


As described, removing the NFL is easy if the uninstall button is available. But how to remove NFL app from android if the button is unavailable? I’d say you can use a third-party app, a PowerShell command, or the disabling method listed above.

You can uninstall the NFL without worrying about the performance of your phone. Because experts suggest that removing pre-installed bloatware does not freeze the system.


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