How to Install TTF Fonts on Android without Root

Adding customized fonts on the Android device is not a bad idea, especially if you want to bring something unique! And here is where the “TTF” comes into play! But some Android requires you to perform a root to add new fonts, which is tiring and time-consuming as well. So how to install TTF fonts on Android without root?

Download the TTF from a platform to add it to a new folder. Then, locate the TrueType fonts to choose the desired font. For detailed education, stick here as I will share a step-by-step process about that.

What is TTF?

how to install ttf fonts on android without root

In the fewest possible words, TrueType Fonts (TTF) is considered a globally accepted format when it comes to font files. Users are allowed to download these fonts from multiple sources at zero costs, although a few may charge some extra bucks.

Is Android Prone to Support the TrueType Fonts?

Fortunately, most True Type Fonts are compatible with the Android operating system. To get it added, you must transfer the existing file of the TTF to your device. This can be done by making a connection between a computer and your device for the transfer and download from a reliable online platform.

By using the launcher app or file manager, you can install the TTF immediately on your device. Afterward, confirm that you have selected the latest font in your mobile applications according to your preferences.

How to Install Fonts on Android without Root: Step-by-Step Procedure

Now that you know TTF fonts can smoothly work on your Android device, it is time to learn the way to install it. Thankfully, it is quite easy to do so, and that too without a root. So let’s get to see the process –

Step-1: Downloading the TrueType Fonts

At first, download the updated TTF on your Android, and ensure that your phone already has an app that will be able to view and open the “TTF Files.” I’d say Fontly Lite or Adobe Reader can be suitable for that.

Step-2: Creating a Folder

Let’s get your file browser opened in terms of creating a new folder named “fonts.” Ensure to perform the task where the “Download” folder is located.

how to install ttf fonts on android without root

Depending on the settings of your Android device, the downloaded file can be located on either external or internal storage.

How to Install TTF Fonts on Android without Root

Step-3: Locating the TTF

how to install ttf fonts on android without root

By getting into the File Browser, let’s locate the TTF file you downloaded. After that, copy the latest font to paste into the folder that you made named “fonts.” Click on the settings app to select the “Display” option.

Next, start scrolling down till you locate the latest font style. In order to open the available options, click on that.

Step-4: Choosing the Desired Font

How to Install TTF Fonts on Android without Root

In terms of previewing each font available, tab the “font style” option. Then, based on your choice, feel free to choose the one from the font lists to utilize on your Android’s system elements. And these include the title of the setting page, menu, and so forth!

Watch the given video to get familiar with the practical knowledge of how to use ttf fonts on android:

How to Open TrueType Fonts on Android

Just like installing the TTF, opening the font of TTF on your Android device is another hassle-free task. All you need is to go through the following steps:

  • First, download the TTF from the Google play store and then install it.
  • Using an app, find out the TTF file on an Android device.
  • Once you have got the TTF, there could appear some additional instructions. Allow them to go on for the complete installation.
  • After opening the TTF, view the listed fonts available to find the one you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can you change the color of the font on your Android?

On the majority of Android devices, the theme engine is prone to control the color of the font. In that case, you cannot change the font color individually.

How to change the size of the font on Android?

For the added accessibility feature, most android devices can alter the font size. In that case, Get into the settings menu > search bar > type “font size.” Afterward, you can find a section to change the font size.

Where is the Android font folder located?

You can locate the system font right in the “System/Fonts” or “Android’s Directory” section. Whereas, TTF fonts might be noticeable in the folder named “Windows/Fonts.”

How to add fonts to Android keyboard?

To add custom fonts, click on the home screen (long press), and then press the settings to find the “font” option. Once you get it, select the custom font you downloaded earlier to activate it on the device’s keyboard.


Once you know how to install TTF fonts on Android without root, it will be easier for you to customize your smartphone’s font style according to your preferences. Make sure your phone has compatibility with the TrueType fonts so that it will not create any trouble during the installation steps. 

I’d suggest you check twice before downloading the TTF. Because in some cases, older Android versions cannot smoothly work with the TTF fonts without root. 


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