How To Install Sinhala Unicode For Android

As it isn’t a common language, you can’t find Sinhala letters manually on the Android system. But somehow, you need to use Unicode, then what to do? Well, there are some ways to use this Unicode for Android. This article will discuss how to install Sinhala Unicode for Android.

To install Sinhala Unicode, you need to :

  • Go to the Sinhala Unicode official website and download the app
  • Install the font on your Android system
  • You will have to root your device, if you want to install it manually

What is Sinhala Unicode?

Sinhala Unicode has Sri Lanka’s Sinhala and Pali block Unicode. It was invented in 1996. After that, this Unicode block was updated in 1999, 2014, and 2020.

This Unicode is considered SLASCII and based on ISCII standards. Moreover, Sri Lanka Standard Institute approved it as SLS 1134.

The major alphabets of Unicode are Sinhala, Pali, and Sanskrit. Also, it comes up with 91 code points and 37 reserved code points. There are prenasalized consonant letters.

Why do you need to use Sinhala Unicode?

If you want to write in Sinhala or Pali language, you need to install the Sinhala font on your Android. It also helps to understand the language. Beyond that, you will find it for Android, Windows, and Microsoft.

How to find the Sinhala Unicode app on Android?

Before installing the app on your phone, choose the software version you want to download. Only some Android models support the same Sinhala Unicode app. That’s why you should check the compatibility while installing.

  • Go to your Google Play Store. Search ‘Sinhala Unicode.’ You will find several apps.
How To Install Sinhala Unicode For Android

How to install the Sinhala Unicode app?

  • You first have to download the app on the Android system.
  • Remember to check the version.
  • Now Click on the ‘Install’ option. After installing, you should learn to operate the Unicode keyboard.
How To Install Sinhala Unicode For Android
  • You can connect it to your default keyboard.

What are the features of the Sinhala Unicode app for Android?

  • The Sinhala Unicode app comes up with Sinhala transliterations.
  • It has easy SMS typing benefits.
  • You can connect it with your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook
  • Also, it supports Bluetooth and email sharing

How to install Sinhala Unicode with the root on an Android system? 

  • You must root your Android system to install the Unicode manually.
  • First of all, download the Z4root app on your phone, and you will notice the ‘run’ option, tap on it.
  • Click on the root option. Your android system will start rooting.
  • After that, install root explorer and download DroidSansFallBack. Unzip the DroidSansFallBack with the Root Explorer.
  • Go to the permission option of your phone settings. Then set it up in the fonts directory. Now you can write with Sinhala Unicode. This option is less perfect than the Unicode app. But it can be readable.

How to type in Sinhala Unicode? 

  • To type with Unicode, you should learn the Sinhala alphabet and language better.
  • You can also write in English and convert it into the Sinhalese or Pali language.
How To Install Sinhala Unicode For Android
  • Apart from the alphabet and language, it is necessary to understand 91 code points and 37 reserved code points of Sinhala Unicode.

Frequently asked questions

How to install Sinhala Unicode on Windows?

You must open ‘Start’ and go to the ‘Control Panel.’ Search for ‘Fonts’ on the taskbar. Click on the ‘Fonts and tap on ‘Choose File’ and search ‘Sinhala Unicode.’ Install the software folder and connect it to your default keyboard.

What are the top-rated Sinhala fonts for Unicode?

The top-rated Sinhala fonts for Unicode are Iskoola Pota Regular 79347, 0KDBOLIDDA bold 34094, FMAbhaya x 32432, 0KDROSE Regular 14187, 0KDARALIYA Regular 11549, Kandy Supplement, Unicode, LankaNatha and Lankapura.

Final Thought

After learning how to install Sinhala Unicode for Android, it would be easier for you to use the language on your phone.

However, Sinhala is a language that has been practiced around the world. But it is an essential language for the Sri Lankan people.

Sometimes it is highly necessary to learn to type Sinhala for professional purposes. While visiting Sri Lanka, you must learn to type in Sinhala because it will help you to communicate with other people.


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