How To Install Khmer Font On Android 5.0

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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

Finding a unique Khmer font you like is quick and straightforward to do online. Many sources provide information about the typeface and a sample of how the font should appear. But do you know how to install Khmer font on android 5.0?

Initially, you must root your phone. Then select “Fonts” from the system. After changing the fonts, restart your phone. You should choose it from the drop-down option under Settings > Display > Font when the phone turns on.

You can change the keyboard’s or system’s typeface to Khmer. The procedure is practically the same for both. Just change the permission from 644 to 755.

Khmer Font Store is the finest Android app for finding, controlling, and modifying Khmer typeface on an Android smartphone. The app makes it simple to add Khmer font. So let’s explore the specifics of it!

What Is Khmer Font?

A Unicode block called Khmer contains the symbols needed to write the Khmer language. Khmer typefaces come in a variety of styles that are employed nationally and globally. Yet, just a few among them are regularly used.

How To Install Khmer Font On Android 5.0

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These are some of the many Khmer typefaces that can be downloaded:

  • Unicode fonts for Khmer
  • Khmer Initiative Software’s Khmer fonts
  • Khmer Fonts

Features of Khmer Fonts

The Khmer Font’s most recent version is richer. The features they provide are as follows:

  • Designed materials.
  • Peruse various font collections.
  • A free preview is available.
  • Choose any Khmer font to install. Weekly or monthly updates will include new fonts.
  • The failure to download on later Android versions was fixed.
  • Removed the need for root access from the Khmer Unicode Installer, allowing Khmer Font Store to function.
  • Bring material design up to date.
  • A brand-new font management and downloader screen.
  • Android Oreo-optimized.
  • Lowering spelling errors while improving speed.

Drawbacks of Khmer Fonts

The Khmer Font software has some great features. However, there are also some negatives. Look them up below:

  • The app occasionally performs improperly.
  • This app does not allow for English-to-Khmer or vice versa translation.
  • Only the Khmer font is visible in the program for reading.
  • It doesn’t have all symbols.
How To Install Khmer Font On Android 5.0

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Steps To Install Khmer Font On Android 5.0

This app was developed to improve language usage on smartphones. The Khmer Font Store will provide a framework for typefaces to be displayed and for users to acquire them rapidly. Adhere to the steps listed below:

Step 1: You’ll have to root your smartphone to install the font. Pick the third link after searching Google for “root T-Mobile MyTouch 4G” since there isn’t an official source for this process.

Step 2: Download the Khmer font and store it in your device’s internal memory after rooting it.

Step 3: Go to /system/fonts next by using files on your smartphone.

Step 4: After moving the font to that place, reboot the smartphone.

Step 5: After it starts, pick it from the drop-down menu under Settings > Display > Font. The Khmer font addition is done.

How To Install Khmer Font On Android 5.0

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Adding Fonts In Khmer To The Android System:

Sometimes it’s fun to add a Khmer typeface! To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Transfer Khmer to your smartphone.

Step 2: Download the two font versions to your phone.

Step 3: Transfer the two font versions to the system/fonts.

Step 4: Change the permission to 644.

Step 5: Restart your android phone.

Adding The Khmer Keyboard To The Android Keyboard:

Using a new method won’t change the system font. To add the Khmer typeface to your keyboard, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download km to your computer.

Step 2: Transfer it into System/sipdb

Step 3: Modify the permissions to 755

Step 4: Restart your gadget

How To Install Khmer Font On Android 5.0

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Advantages Of Khmer Font

Many websites in Cambodia today include multilingual or trilingual layouts that include Khmer, English, and French. Google has recently developed a Khmer language website despite not being thoroughly and efficiently used. Additionally, Wikipedia’s Khmer interface has been released.

There are numerous advantages to the creation of the Khmer Unicode typeface. These are a few:

  • With the Khmer Unicode font, users may type more quickly and correctly employ Cambodian grammar. It would help if you always typed words exactly as you would spell them.
  • Cambodia has had trouble offering a typeface compatible with all operating systems. The creators intend to simplify the process with Khmer Unicode.
  • Another advantage is that software developers can create an entire software or operating system in Khmer using Khmer Unicode.
  • In Khmer, people can search online for updates and data about Cambodia.


Everyone can use the free Khmer Unicode font. Residents of Phnom Penh can obtain a free CD-Rom for setup by visiting the Available Institute office. The font is available for free download at for foreign Khmer people.

We hope our explanation of how to install the Khmer font on Android 5.0 was clear. If both parties have the typeface, users can communicate and email by using Khmer Unicode font over the phone. It’s elegant. Install it and have fun!


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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

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