How To Disable Speakers In Android

“Loudspeaker” is an essential feature that can assist you to hear in a noisy place. However, it can also be the cause of awkward situations. It can make you feel embarrassed in some serious moments. Disabling the speaker will assist you to get rid of those silly moments.  

In this article, you will learn how to disable speakers in Android. Along with this, we are going to inform you of a bonus tip to keep your mobile silent from ringing unexpectedly.

Let’s begin.

How To Disable Speakers in Android During Phone Calls?

During taking a phone call on Android, there will be a speaker icon on your screen. You have to touch on this icon to disable loudspeakers. This speaker icon will be available on the screen both for incoming and outgoing calls.

After disabling the speaker, you can listen to audio through the small speaker located at the front. Then, people around you won’t be able to hear your device’s sound. To enable and disable speakers, you don’t have to end the call. You can switch the speaker during a phone call without making any interruption to the call.

How To Disable Default Speakers in iPhone During Phone Calls?

Does your iPhone automatically get on speakers after receiving a call? In that case, you have to disable it from the settings.

Go to the “Settings” option from the application menu and select “Accessibility”. There will be an option “Physical and motor”. From this menu, you have to tap on “Touch”. After that, you will find an option named “Call Audio Routing”. Finally, you have to select “Automatic” to disable the default speaker option.

By following the above two methods, you can easily disable speakers on Android and iPhone during a phone call. Would you like to disable media volume too? On that note, you should follow the below process.

How To Disable Audio In Android?

Step 1: Open “Settings” App

How To Disable Speakers In Android

You need to start by opening the “Settings” app on your Android device. You can find this app in your application menu. Also, you can open it from the notification panel.

Step 2: Browse Sound Settings

How To Disable Speakers In Android

After going to settings, you have to search for the “Sound” option and touch on it. You may get the “Sound and Vibration” option on some devices. This will take you to the sound settings. From here, you can adjust the media volume of your device.

Step 3: Go To Media Volume

In Audio settings, you will find a variety of audio-controlling options. You should locate the “Media Volume” option. It controls the volume of every type of media played through the device’s speakers. You have to touch on this to change the media volume.

Step 4: Disable Media Volume

How To Disable Speakers In Android

From the media volume menu, you can mute the volume. To completely disable the sound, you have to lower the media volume to zero.

That’s it. It will disable speakers for any media in your Android mobile. You can check it by playing a video or audio file. To again enable the sound, you have to go to the media volume and increase the volume. You can also do it using the sound button of your device.

How To Disable Microphone On Android?

You need to go to the “settings” app of your device to disable the microphone. Basically, we are going to disable the permission to use the microphone for the device.

After opening “Settings”, you have to search for “Sound Settings” and click on the “Advanced Settings”. Then, you have to choose the “Microphone Settings” option from the list. There you can find the option of enabling and disabling the microphone.

To disable the microphone on your Android device, you have to touch on the disable option and go back to the home screen. That’s it. It will disable the microphone. You can also disable it from the “App Permission” options.

For doing that, you have to open the application list and tap on the particular app that you would like to disable microphone permission.

How To Disable Notification Sound on Android?

Though getting notifications is important to get updates on our essential tasks. Sometimes you may find yourself frustrated with getting tons of notifications. Do you want to stay away from those notifications for a while? Thankfully, the “Do Not Disturb” mode can assist you with that.

You just need to pull down the notification bar and enable the “Do Not Disturb” option. It will mute all types of notifications and calls. Therefore, you can enjoy a while in silence without getting interrupted by any notifications. To get back to normal mode, you have to disable the feature from the notification panel.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have got an in-depth knowledge of how to disable speakers in Android. From now on, you can easily mute your device sound including calls and notifications.

Whenever you want to stay away from getting calls and notifications, you can follow the above tips.


Why is my phone always on speaker when I receive a call?

You may have selected the “Speakers” option from the “Call Audio Routing” settings. You need to change it to default.

How can I enable and disable all media volume in my Android mobile?

You can easily enable and disable all media volume using the sound keys. Also, you can change the volume from sound settings.

How to disable notification sound in Android Smartphone?

You need to open the sound settings and select the “Notification and Ringing” options. From there, you can disable the notification sound.


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