How to Charge the Blavor Solar Power Bank

Blavor solar power bank is gaining popularity in the industry with its capacity to store and deliver power for long periods. And it has two charging modes or ports to charge it. However, sometimes some users complain that they do not understand how to charge the Blavor solar power bank.

Well, plugging in a USB adapter and USB–C cable to the Blavor power bank can power it up in a few hours. Also, using direct sunlight can charge the unit. Let’s get to learn more about them with the necessary details! 

How to Charge the Blavor Solar Power Bank?

Both electrical and non-electrical methods are available to charge the Blavor solar power bank. According to user needs and preferences, here are the techniques I’ve compiled –

Method-1: Solar Charging 

Blavor solar power bank manual mentions that the power bank has a solar panel to receive sunlight, and thus, it charges itself. However, as this device can withstand an optimal sunray, I’d recommend following these steps with the tips mentioned to avoid damaging the charger:  

Step 1: Select the Location and Day

For solar charging the battery, ensure to choose a place that receives direct sunlight. It should not have partial shades or surroundings that block the sunray. And charge on a day with a clear sky and no heavy wind. 

Step 2: Place the Battery

Keep the battery in an open space and let it absorb solar power for a few hours. To be specific, follow the required charging hours mentioned in the manual.

I know that you do not want to damage or swell up the charger. So, avoid placing it on wood, concrete, and metal surfaces. Because these media can absorb more than 80° C or 176° F which may eventually explode the cell. 

Step 3: Hang the Cell

If there is no suitable surface to keep the panel on, I have got an alternative for you! Tie the battery from a cliffhanger with a rope or wire in a well-ventilated room. Make sure it does not drop due to the loose grip of the wire. 

So, tighten the knot properly. After a few hours, the power bank will charge itself to its optimal capacity. 

Method-2: Charge with Electric Outlet

The Blavor power bank has DC and USB-C ports to juice it up. It is a comparatively easier method to follow. All you have to do is:  

  • Plug in a USB Adapter to a wall socket.
  • Then, connect the USB-C to the charger’s USB port.
  • Now, click on the “Power” button, afterward, you will notice a blue light has turned on. 
  • Once the charger reaches its full charging mode, the power capacity light that represents 100% will flash.

Why Is Blavor Solar Power Bank Not Charging?

I have personally explored some Blavor solar power bank reviews in order to come across a common issue reported by the users. And that is the power bank does not charge itself. So, let’s get through the probable causes of the problem to prevent such hassles:

1. Outdated Battery

Like any other device battery, solar power bank cells also wear out over time. And it is a misconception that Sunray can keep the battery active for an infinite period. Note that solar power banks also stop absorbing sunlight after a certain period, and the Blavor is no exception!

As a result, it cannot store power for the batteries. The cells do not have the ability to hold charge anymore once they reach the end of their lifespan. 

2. Not Enough Sunlight 

Blavor solar power banks need direct sunlight at a required amount to charge themselves. According to its manual, it requires above 25,000 lux or sunray intensity to absorb the charge. 

So, if the cells or the solar panel do not get such an amount of lux, the cells will not generate any power. So, always avoid solar charging from shades. 

3. Wrong Charger 

The power bank has a USB-a C port for charging it with a USB charger. In case you use the wrong charger or insert it into the wrong side of the port, the bank fails to charge itself. 

Moreover, using a broken USB cable might not provide enough voltage and power required for the charging. So, we advise you to use a charger that can supply the proper amount of voltage to the power bank. 

4. Overheating 

If the power bank overheats constantly, it is common for the battery to drain faster than expected. Therefore, the temperature rise will reduce their lifespan, and that leads to difficulty in charging the power bank. 

Using the solar power bank to charge a device while the power bank is on the charge itself causes overheating. So, you must avoid using the unit until it is fully charged. 

To get a practical view of the Blavor solar power bank review, have a look at the given video:

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is it safe to solar charge the Blavor power bank?

The name of the power unit indicates that it is 100% safe to use solar energy to power it up! However, if you frequently solar charge instead of electric charging, it may damage the cells. 

How often should you charge the Blavor power bank?

If you do not use the Blavor power bank frequently, it is better to charge it every 3 to 6 months. But in case of frequent use, I’d say you should juice it up whenever its batteries drain. 

How long will a Blavor solar power bank hold its power?

The Blavor solar power bank has a 20000mAh energy holding capacity. According to that spec, the portable battery should last up to 15 hours at high speed. Nonetheless, lack of maintenance may reduce the overall capacity.  


Knowing only how to charge the Blavor solar power bank does not ensure that you can charge up the power bank at any time. Sometimes, the power unit malfunctions or acts up due to loose or damaged cables, the wrong power outlet, and choosing the inappropriate place for solar charging. 

So, before you start getting into the process, I’d highly suggest preparing the place and functioning tools beforehand. This will take away a lot of trial and error from the process. Also, for daily usage, try to stick to electricity charging rather than solar charging to increase the battery lifespan. 


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