How to Charge INIU Power Bank

Being lightweight, compact, and long-lasting, the INIU power bank is increasing its popularity day by day. But due to improper uses, some people often failed to charge the power bank properly. So how to charge INIU power bank? 

After unboxing, get your hands on the charging cable to connect it through the INIU power bank. Then, choose a reliable wall socket so that you can juice up the charger bank. In case the power bank is failing to take charge, go through the write-up to know the potential reasons behind this. 

How to Charge INIU Power Bank: Step-by-Step Process

Luckily, the INIU power bank has not appeared with any complex functionality, meaning charging it is not going to be as easy as ABC! However, you better go through the following steps to charge this power bank safely:

Step-1: Unboxing

How to Charge INIU Power Bank

Once you get your INIU power bank unboxed, you will see it has a welcome guide, including the INIU charging bank, USB-A (with flashlight) to USB-C ports, and the charging cable.

Step-2: Plugging In

How to Charge INIU Power Bank

Using the charging cable, ensure to plug the cord of the USB into your nearest socket. Make sure you have attached the cable to the power adapter perfectly because a loose connection will not let your device juice up.

Step-3: Allowing It to Charge

How to Charge INIU Power Bank

Depending on the model of the INIU power bank you purchased, the duration of charging will vary. But in general, you should wait for around 30-35 minutes or so to juice it up completely. Some may require more time for the complete charge.

I’d say you better read iniu power bank instructions to get a further idea about it. But you must avoid overcharging the battery as it will ultimately ruin the longevity. 

If you want to get more info on the INIU power bank, here is the tutorial to walk you through a detailed INIU 10000mAh power bank review:

INIU Power Bank Not Charging: 4 Possible Reasons

Like every other power bank available in the marketplace, INIU is also prone to stop charging for some issues. In Particular, the LED of the INIU may start blinking, which is a hint that the device is not charging correctly. So these are the following reasons behind it:

1. Faulty Cable and Charger

This has always been one of the first reasons why your INIU power bank is not charging or stops charging in the middle. Over time, it is common for almost every charging cable and charger to turn faulty, which is why changing them will be necessary after a certain period.

But if there is nothing wrong with the cable and charger, pay attention to the port to see whether you have inserted the cable properly or not.

2. Irregular Socket

Some people always rely on charging the power bank through the laptop’s USB ports. But guess what? These are not engineered to juice up your INIU power banks and such devices. So sometimes, they might fail to charge your power bank or let it start blinking!

In this case, simply change the location as soon as possible by switching from typical USB ports to a regular wall socket.

3. Dirty/Faulty Charging Port

Due to improper use, it is sometimes common for a few INIU power bank users to end up with dirty ports. And because of the dust build-up, the charging cable will not be able to get inside the port properly, resulting in a “blinking but not-charging” issue.

4. Battery Defects

Last but not least, the power bank’s battery has a limited life cycle, just like other devices’ batteries. So, after a specific period, it may stop taking charge or cause the power bank stops charging after a while, even if the cable, power socket, charger, and other things go well!

In order to fix it, there is nothing to do except for moving into the replacement. But keep in mind that battery defects are a major issue that should not appear so early!

How to Troubleshoot INIU Power Bank Not-charging Issue

Sometimes, technical or software glitches are responsible for the not-charging issue. In this case, replacing the battery or changing the charging cable cannot fix the problem.

So, here is where resetting the power bank will come into play! Let’s go through the following steps to learn how to reset power bank:

  • First off, find the reset button on your power bank, which might be labeled “reset” with a small hole.
  • By taking assistance from a paperclip or such objects, get into pressing and holding that button. This should be done for a couple of seconds at once.
  • Now, get the reset button released, and wait for a few seconds so that the power bank takes a reset.

If the INIU power bank does not have a specific reset button, let’s make a connection between the USB Cable to USB-C to USB-A of the ICU power bank. This way, it may take an automatic reset, especially if you notice the LED light has permanently stopped blinking.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

What is the company name of INIU?

Shenzhen Simple Life Tech. is a popular company of INIU situated in Lisbon, Portugal. They have a reputation for producing some top-notch power banks known to be versatile, compact, and light in weight.

What is the average life cycle of the INIU power bank battery?

Although the lifespan really varies from model to model, the average life cycle of a standard INIU power bank battery is 500 cycles. This means users can juice it up to 1500 times.

How long does a 10000mAh INIU power bank run?

Around 10 hours is considered the usual duration for the 10,000mAh INIU power bank to run at a go. However, it all depends on the battery quality and overall condition of the charger bank.

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Just like you pay so much care about charging your smartphone and other devices, it is equally necessary for the power bank to get juiced up, especially if you use it on a daily basis.

Now that you know how to charge INIU power bank, make sure you maintain the battery properly by avoiding undercharging and overcharging it. In most cases, the charger bank’s battery tends to get drastically drained earlier than usual, only for inappropriate charging!


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