How Do I Remove A Device From Android Device Manager?

To secure a lost phone’s data, the Android manager helps to remove the data associated account from the devices. For that, you need to remove the missing devices first. But newbies to expert Android users often wonder how do I remove a device from android device manager. Because there is no direct way to do so from the app!

Signing into Google’s account linked to the app is the first and foremost method to remove the devices. The account features manage devices section from where it is possible to unlist any device. It is possible from both web browsers and android. 

After removing the device, many users tend to delete the app. But I will discuss why you should not do so. 

How to Remove a Device from Android Device Manager?

You can either use a computer or smartphone to remove a listed device from the Android Device Manager. First, you need to make sure you have turned on a reliable Wi-Fi network. Then, follow these steps –

Step 1: Go to Browser

If you do not have a phone around to log into your Google account to remove a device, use a computer instead. Just open the Chrome browser and log in to the Google account linked to the device you want to remove. 

Step 2: Go through Manage Devices 

Expand the left side panel from the account and click on Your Devices, followed by the Manage Devices option. A list of all the connected devices will appear. From there, select the three-dot icon beside your preferred device and choose the Sign Out option. It will remove the device from the account.

Step 3: Open Android Settings

Go to your phone’s main Settings menu and scroll down to find and open the Google tab. Under the profile icon, select the Manage your Google Account section. 

Step 4: Sign Out 

Expand the Menu at the bottom of the screen and tap Security to open Your Devices menu. From there, click on Manage Devices, and it will show you the associated devices to the Google account.

How Do I Remove A Device From Android Device Manager

Select the vertical menu beside a device name, and click sign out. You may need to confirm the action from a popup. 

How Do I Remove A Device From Android Device Manager

Why Should You Remove a Device from Android Device Manager?

Sometimes, your phone might go missing or stolen, and it increases the chance of data misuse. But if you have a Google account connected to the device manager, you are in safe hands. 

Because you can remove the account from the device from other devices to prevent unusual access to the data. For security purposes, it is a must to do so. 

Removing the devices also helps in case you have logged in to your account from a stranger’s phone or computer cafe and forgot to log out. If you fear that, someone can mishandle the account, just remotely remove it. 

Is It Worth Keeping the Android Device Manager Activated?

Once you delete the devices from the Device Manager, you might wonder whether to link the manager with other accounts or not. And you might consider deactivating the program.

But do not delete the app, rather, keep it active with other accounts for these security features described below –

1. Track Device 

If you have lost your phone, you can track with through the Android Device Manager. For that, you need to log in to any system and select the device that is listed on the app through a Google account. And you will be able to see the map information of wherever the device is. 

And it is possible to track multiple devices at once with it. You just need to add the devices beforehand. So, if your kids are under 18, it is a good app to find out about your children’s whereabouts. 

The app features a guest mode so that you can help your friend or family member to locate their device without signing in. Also, this mode supports locking and wiping off data from the device too. 

2. Lock or Ring and Wipe the Data 

It takes time to find the device through location tracing and to remove the device. If you are a little late, the phone possessor can misuse the data. So, the moment your phone goes missing, lock the phone through the app from another device.

Or you can ring it to hear where it rings if it is nearby. The app allows the phone to ring louder even if the device is in silent mode. 

If you doubt that someone can access the account even after removing the device linked to it, then wipe the data using Android Device Manager. It will reset the lost phone’s data to the factory settings.

As a result, the phone will have no photos and documents of yours. The device will be just like a brand-new unused model. The best part is that even if the power is off, the data reset works fine.

Here is more to why you should keep the feature on:

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Will Deleting the Android Device Manager Remove All Its Associated Devices?

No, deleting the app does not remove the connected devices. You will have to remove the devices from Google’s account manager. Also, disabling the app will not delete the devices from the program. 

Why Can’t You Remove the Device from the Android Device Manager?

If you have not enabled Wi-Fi or mobile data, you will not be able to remove the devices from the app. Also, if there is any glitch, the phone might act up and not respond to the inputs. 

Can You Remove Multiple Devices from the Android Device Manager?

You can delete all the connected devices to the Android Device Manager. But if you have not linked them to the app, removing the accounts from Google will only delete them from Google Account. 


Nowadays, how do I remove a device from android device manager is a common query among the Android manager feature users. Because data breaching has been alarmingly rising currently!

And stolen or lost phones are most vulnerable to this risk. And I hope this guide could walk you through the process using either a computer or a smartphone. Before removing the device, it is better to lock the lost phone.

I’d suggest you list multiple devices in the app, especially your family member’s devices. It will help you trace their lost phone easily through the guest mode.


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