Google Maps Doesn’t Play Through Car Speakers Android

Most of us rely on Google Maps for navigation while driving. When you connect your Google Maps through a car speaker it becomes even more useful. It allows users to drive conveniently without looking at the phone. But sometimes you may face issues with connecting Google Maps with car speakers.

Are you also facing the issue of “Google Maps doesn’t play through car speakers Android?” Through this article, you are going to find the solution to this. We are going to reveal some major factors that can cause Google Maps not working properly.

Here you go.

Why Is Google Maps Not Working In My Car On Android?

Google Maps Doesn't Play Through Car Speakers Android

1. Ensure Proper Bluetooth Connection

In most cases, poor Bluetooth connection is the main culprit that causes Google Maps doesn’t play through car speakers on Android. You should ensure a stable Bluetooth connection between your Android device and your car’s audio system. How can you improve Bluetooth connection?

Well, you should check if your phone is successfully paired with the car. When you find any issue with the connection, you need to turn off the Bluetooth and reconnect again. Still can’t find any solution? We have got some more solutions for you.

2. Adjust Bluetooth Settings

If there is no issue with the Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth settings could be the reason for Google Maps not working with car speakers. In that case, you have to go to the Bluetooth settings on your Android device.

Then, you need to locate the paired connection with your car. After that, you just need to tap on it and enable the “Media Audio” option. If you find the option already enabled, you should turn it off. Finally, you have to turn it on once again.

3. Verify Media Volume Levels

Sometimes, the phone’s volume settings can create the audio issue in Google Maps. If you have tried the above tips and could not find any solution yet, you should check your media volume levels. Do you know how to check it?

Well. You have to open the Google Maps app and press on the volume up button on your device. Alongside this, you should check whether the volume is muted or not on your car’s audio system. Then, you will see the volume level. Set the volume to the standard level.

4. Update Google Maps and Android System

This is an effective way to fix the issue of Google Maps not playing through car speakers in Android. You should always keep the Google Map application up to date. Outdated software versions can sometimes lead to compatibility issues. Therefore, you should update the Google Maps app and your Android operating system to the latest version.

You can visit the Google Play Store and check for any pending updates from the installed application lists. At the same time, you have to go to your phone’s settings and then choose “System Updates” to ensure you have the latest Android version. It will fix the compatibility issues.

5. Clear Cache Data

Have you tried all of the above tips but still Google Maps not working? You should clear the cache data of your Google Maps application. To do this, you should navigate to your device’s default settings. Then, you need to select “Apps” and find Google Maps from the application list.

Then, touch on the Google Map application. After that, you will see the “Storage” option. From there, you have to select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.” You should remember that clearing data will reset your application settings.

Therefore, you have to connect the Google Map application to your car once again. Would you like to know the process? Here’s the process.

How Do I Connect Google Maps To My Car Audio?

Google Maps Doesn't Play Through Car Speakers Android

Step 1: Ensure Compatibility

First things first, you have to start with checking the compatibility of your car for Bluetooth connectivity. Also, you can connect your phone through a USB cable. If there is no such feature, you can purchase a car stereo system that supports smartphone integration.

Step 2: Pair Your Phone

In this step, you have to turn on the Bluetooth option from your Android device. Then, you should enable the visibility to connect your device with the car audio system. Next to that, you should enable Bluetooth scanning and search for your phone’s name in the available devices. Once you find your device, you have to Select it. After that, you have to enter the necessary passcode. It will connect your phone and car audio via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Launch Google Maps

Google Maps Doesn't Play Through Car Speakers Android

You have to install the latest version of Google Maps from the play store. Then, you have to open the application and sign in using your Google Account. After that, you have to configure Google Maps settings. For doing that, you have to go to the Navigation settings from the application and enable the “Play voice over Bluetooth” option.

Step 4: Connect Google Maps to Car Audio

At this stage, your device will be ready to play audio through the car speaker. To do that, you have to pair your car audio system with a Bluetooth connection. Then, you can use your voice command to operate your Google Maps to play sound through the car speaker. To start the instruction of a route, you have to press the “Start” button. Finally, your device is ready to guide you while driving.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can easily deal with the issue of Google Maps not playing through car speakers sound on Android. Also, you have learned the process of how to connect Google Maps to your car Audio system. Is there anything else about “Google Maps” that we could assist you with? You can express your thoughts in the comment box.


Why can’t I hear Google Maps in my car?

You should check the media volume of your device. Perhaps, you have muted the volume.

Does Google Maps give voice directions?

Yes, you can get assistance with voice direction through Google Maps. You can enable the feature from Navigation Settings.

Where are the settings for Google Maps?

You need to click on the three dots from the top of the right side. Then, you should click on “Navigation Settings” to access different options of Google Maps.


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