Does S23 Ultra Come with Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a steller series in 2023 as it includes more high-end features and privacy. So, you aren’t the only one wanting to buy it. But one concern is there are rumors that they will no longer offer protectors for their phones. So the question is, “Does S23 Ultra come with screen protector?” 

Well, Samsung is excluding screen protectors from its S series. Thus, it includes the new S23 ultra as well. Now you may wonder why they did so. And whether their screen needs a protector or not. To answer all the queries, I will describe whether to install a protector or not and which one to pick. 

Does S23 Ultra Come with a Screen Protector?

No, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra does not have a pre-installed screen protector. And it does not come with a separate protector in the box as well. 

Rather, it is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass. And the company claims that its Gorilla glass can withstand concrete drops. Therefore,, Samsung has excluded spare screen protectors from the S23 Ultra. 

Does S23 Ultra Need a Screen Protector?

As the manufacturers install a protective glass on the S23 ultra, you might wonder whether the phone needs an extra protector or not. The answer depends on your usage frequency, maintenance, and how old or new the phone is. 

Users that constantly use the phone should consider installing a glass protector. Because sweaty hands and other dirt can damage the internal components if they come in contact with sweat and dirt. 

Also, some phone users tend to drop the phone often due to lack of grip, they prefer a spare cover or protector. The gorilla glass can protect the phone if it drops from a 1-meter height. Other than that, dropping it on a concrete surface can cause wear and tear on the screen. 

If the phone stays in the pocket or purse often, it gets scratches all over the glass from the keys, cards, and other sharp objects. And to protect the screen from these abrasive objects, a screen protector is a must. 

However, a few scratches and cracks do not affect the screen response rate. If the scratches are too frequent, it can lower the phone’s response rate when you send inputs. To avoid the scenario and maintain touchscreen reliability, there is no alternative to a screen safeguard. 

New phones can withstand a few drops, cracks, and tears. But if it is an old S23 ultra, it is more prone to hardware and performance issues. And the phone may lag. So, a year-old S23 Ultra requires glass protection. 

Does S23 Ultra Fingerprint Scanner Work with a Screen Protector?

Phone screen protection does not always go well. Due to some thick and poor-quality materials on the cover, the fingerprint scanner might not work. And you will not be able to unlock your phone. 

Increasing the screen sensitivity can minimize the issue caused by any protector. So, before installing a spare cover, it is better to apply these tweaks below:

  • From the main Settings screen, go to Display and search for Sensitivity on the search bar.
Does S23 Ultra Come with Screen Protector
  • Touch Screen Sensitivity will appear on the screen.
Does S23 Ultra Come with Screen Protector
  • Toggle the Sensitivity switch on.
Does S23 Ultra Come with Screen Protector

What Screen Protectors Are Good for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

A protector that is compatible with S23 Ultra will not cause the phone or scanner to lag. To help you choose the ideal deal, here are some best glass covers as of now –

1. Mowei Tempered Glass

Mowei tempered glass is compatible with the S23 ultra fingerprint reader. As a result, installing it will not block the scanner’s functionality. 

It is a 9H hardness protector, which means that the glass is scratch and wear resistant. As a result, you will find the glass relatively durable. Plus, its installation tray tool takes away the hassle of fitting it properly. 

2. Whitestone Dome 

Whitestone dome glass configures edge-to-edge technology. It means that the corners of the glass are drop-resistant. Its hardness makes it compatible even with a phone case. And guess what? Users will not have trouble accessing the menu through the case. 

3. Armorsuit MilitaryShield 

The Armorsuit protector has 5 layers. So, it works well against sweat, scratches, and dirt. In order to heal the screen from moisture and heat, it contains high–grade materials. And the materials help to keep the glass crystal clear even after rough use. 

4. Ringke Glass

Ringke privacy protector is two-in-one. It works as a cover and a privacy tool as well. 

The protector and its layers keep the Gorilla glass safe from cracks and drops. Also, it cuts down the viewing angle. As a result, someone sitting beside you while you are on the phone cannot see whatever is happening on the screen. 

Its coating does not let oily fingerprints stick to the pre-installed glass. If the phone drops on a dirty surface, the coating layer prevents forming smudges. 

5. Case-Mate Protector 

Case-Mate Flexishield glass protector is made from reinforced polymer. This material shields the screen from drops and scratches. 

Moreover, it configures anti-fingerprint technology. So smudges will be less visible on it. And its best part is the weight. Even if the protector has several layers, it feels lightweight. 

6. Spigen 

Spigen NeoFlex protector is designed to fit the curved screen of the S23 Ultra. After installing it, there will be no bubbles inside. Because it comes with a wet installation kit. And in one packet, you will get two protectors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Why has Samsung excluded spare screen protectors?

Samsung claims that their pre-installed glass is already durable enough. And sourcing more protectors is a waste of resources. So, they have cut off installing a protector.  

How much does a screen protector for S23 ultra cost?

It depends on the materials and technology used in the screen protectors. Generally, you can find one at $10. They also range higher if they have privacy features as well. 

Do S23 screen protectors come with a warranty?

Yes, generally screen protectors for S23 have a one to two years warranty. And based on manufacturers, the period can change. Even some glasses have a lifetime warranty.


Before purchasing an S23, buyers want to confirm whether does S23 ultra come with screen protector or not. Because some prefer to install a spare glass protector, while other users consider keeping the Gorilla glass as it is. I’d recommend installing a compatible glass to maintain the lifespan of the screen.

Or else it will take you $6K to $7k to fix the pre-installed glass. Repairing an extra protector will cost you less than $100. But for that, you need to avoid fitting the cheaper glass. And make sure they are compatible with the S23 scanner. 


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