Do Selfie Sticks Need Batteries

In the era of taking photos, most people love to take selfies instead of rear-cam pictures. And that is where a selfie stick comes into play! But do selfie sticks need batteries to operate, you ask? 

Depending on the type of selfie stick you use, the requirement of the battery varies. The wired version of selfie sticks generally needs a specific battery to run, which is what I will explain in this write-up. So, stay tuned!

Do Selfie Sticks Need Batteries?

Do Selfie Sticks Need Batteries

Indeed, two types of selfie sticks are available, including wired and wireless. The wired one needs a specific lithium battery to run efficiently, and it usually works through Bluetooth.

Even there are also two types of wired selfie sticks: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. And the point to be noted, wireless selfie sticks do not require a battery to operate.

Selfie Stick Not Charging: 5 Probable Reasons Behind It

Chances are the selfie stick you use might stop working, or sometimes stop charging. And there is no single reason behind the problem. So here, I have listed down some of the most common reasons:

1. Issues with the Cable

In most cases, the wired selfie stick is prone to stop charging due to the defective charging cable. A loose wiring connection is also liable to the problem, which you can fix by changing the cable. And this will not cost you a fortune unless you spend on commercial selfie sticks.

2. Minor Bugs

Other than the cable-related issue, minor bugs on the device will not let the selfie stick charge properly. In that case, simply turn off the selfie stick, and then reconnect it right away. Refreshing the connection of Bluetooth is another effective hack to eliminate minor bugs!

3. Outdated OS

Believe it or not, the operating system plays a crucial role in letting the selfie stick work or charge properly. So, if you’re someone who is using the old OS version for quite a long time, consider updating the device as soon as possible.

In this way, the optimized version might help both your smartphone and selfie to run without any trouble!

4. Hardware Issues

Any of the sections concerning the selfie stick and smartphone might get damaged or defective over a period of time. For instance, the charging USB port can turn faulty after years of use, and this will cause a “not-charging” issue.

To fix it, you must take assistance from the local repair store, where it will get a professional’s touch to work normally.

5. Faulty Battery

If none of the reasons listed above can fix the not-charging issue, there might be some serious problems with the battery. Just like other batteries, the selfie stick’s battery is equally prone to get drained by long-term or improper usage. In this situation, replacement might be the only way to go!

To replace a Monopod selfie stick, you can get plenty of ideas from the given tutorial:

How to Charge Selfie Stick

Charging a selfie stick is quite an easy-peasy task that requires no technical skills at all! All you need to do is –

  • Find your device’s USB charging port.
  • Get your hands on the USB cable that has come up with the selfie stick. Now, plug it into the charging port right away.
  • Pick up a reliable power source (e.g. wall socket, laptop, or car charger) in terms of plugging the cable’s other end.
Do Selfie Sticks Need Batteries
  • Finally, get to see the LED light located on either the selfie stick’s frame or charger. In most cases, if it turns red, this means the device is charging. Make sure to stop charging the battery when the LED turns blue.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How long does a selfie stick work on one charge?

Generally, the majority of selfie sticks include a top-class battery life, which allows users to run up to 75 hours at a stretch. Moreover, users can often take around 20000 photos on a single charge.

Can you replace the selfie stick battery?

Yes, the wired one that comes with a replaceable battery can be replaced once needed. To do so, find the battery compartment area at the stick’s base to take off the old battery and incorporate the new one.

Is it worth spending on the off-brand selfie sticks?

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to invest in an off-brand Bluetooth stick. Because its power button, USB cable, and port often get defective way earlier than expected!


The answer to “Do selfie sticks need batteries” depends on the type of Bluetooth stick you purchased. In case the battery stops responding in the middle of charging, there is no need to get straight into the repair store. Instead, go through the above-mentioned reasons to overcome the potential issues. 

I’d recommend you maintain the battery properly so that it does not get drained too early. For that, do not overcharge or undercharge the battery. 


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