Can I Charge 25W Phone with 65W Charger?

Nowadays, manufacturers mainly sell batteries beyond 30W. So, once your 25W charger is lost or dead does not mean that you cannot charge your phone! In fact, you can use any charger to power up the battery. As 65W batteries are more common these days, you may ask, “Can I charge 25w phone with 65w charger?”

It is possible to charge a 25-watt phone with a 65W battery only if the battery is registered and licensed. Also, the charger can quickly charge the battery if it supports the adaptive charging feature. 

In order to prevent the charger from damaging the phone, it is better to turn on the adaptive and optimized features. I will walk you through how to do so on different devices. So, stay connected!

Can I Charge A 25W Phone with A 65W Charger?

You can use a higher-watt charger with a phone that has a rating for taking lower watts to charge the battery. So, it is possible to charge your 25W phone with a 65W charger. 

Note that even if you plug in the 25W phone with a high–rated charger, the phone will only take up to the watt, which is its maximum limit. So, your device will use 25W only. 

Can A 65W Charger Charge A 25W Phone Faster?

It is not possible to use a higher-watt charger with mid-range watt phones to power the battery faster. Because your phone’s battery can only pull the 25W from the 65W charger. So, there is no benefit of those extra 40 watts. 

Phones that have a lesser power rating between 20 to 45W take longer to charge themselves. So, a charger’s wattage power has nothing to do with fast charging. Rather, the phone’s charging mechanism and electric power capacity determine the charging time.  

How to Fast-Charge a 25W Phone with A 65W Charger?

As the charger cannot reduce the charging time, you need to enable the fast-charging feature to power up the battery earlier. As the methods to do so differ from phone to phone, follow these steps accordingly –

Step 1: Open Device Care

For Samsung phones, from the drop-down panel, go to the Settings menu or open it from the drawer app.  Then, scroll down and tap on the “Device Care” app. On some models, you might need to go to Advanced Features to access that program. 

Can I Charge 25W Phone with 65W Charger

Step 2: Customize the Battery Settings

From the Device Care app, expand the Battery menu. It should appear either on the top or bottom of the home screen. And click on the three-dot menu to bring the Settings section.  Turn on the Fast Cable Charging toggle. The titles can vary slightly.

Can I Charge 25W Phone with 65W Charger

However, for this to work you will need a charger that supports adaptive charging. So, make sure the 65w charger is compatible with the fast-charging feature. 

Step 3: Use the Power Adapter Charger 

On some phones, fast–charging is not available. In such a case, you will need a 65W power adapter charger that is compatible with a fast-charging cable. Then, plug the USB side of the cable into the charger. For the compatible 65W charger, follow these tips in the video:

Can I Charge 25W Phone with 65W Charger

Step 4: Plug-In 

Plug the adapter into a wall socket and insert the USB–C side of the cable into the phone’s charging port. Turn on the power outlet, and the phone should charge itself earlier than usual. 

Can I Charge 25W Phone with 65W Charger

Step 5: Connect USB-C and Adapter

To enable the feature on iPhone, you will need a USB-C and lightning cable and a 65W adapter with a USB-C port. Insert the USB-C cable side into the adapter’s port and plug the charger into the socket. Connect the lighting port to the iPhone’s charging outlet and power on the socket. And you are done. 

Can You Overcharge the 25W Phone’s Battery With a 65W Charger?

You might fear that charging your phone with a high-wattage charger may overcharge and overheat it. But do not worry, because manufacturers now develop batteries that can only take the required power.

So, when your 25W phone battery will reach 100% power, it will automatically stop receiving any more electrical charge. If you are still in doubt regarding the battery’s health, turn on the Optimized Battery Charging on your phone.

There are many reliable third-party apps that let you use the optimized feature. Once you enable it, the battery stops receiving power at 80% of battery status. So, even if you forget to unplug the 65W charger, it will not drain the cell’s lifespan.

Also, many newer smartphones use dual battery technology. So, the charger sends dual power lines to the two power circuits of the same cell. And each battery split monitors their power consumption, current flow, and temperature.

Whenever they receive their required energy, they block any lines of energy from getting in. Thereby, they do not overcharge and raise the temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can a 65W Charger Overheat the 25W Phone?

If the adaptive support feature and optimized charging are on, the 65W battery will not overheat the battery. But if the features are off and the batter does not have split technology, the temperature will rise. 

Does Using A 65W Charger for 25W Phone Void Warranty?

Using a 65W spare charger for your 25W phone will not void the warranty. However, you may risk the phone if the charger does not come from a registered source. 

Can A 65W Charger Charge Quickly without Fast-Charging Feature?

No, a charger regardless of its high–wattage power cannot charge any phone’s battery faster on its own. The phone needs to be compatible with the fast–charging features and cables.  


The low-wattage charger tends to die more quickly than expected. So, in case of emergency, switch to a 65W charger instead. But I understand as you have never used a different charger you are confused about whether can I charge 25w phone with 65w charger or not. However, before plugging it in, make sure the charger is certified. 

Always remember that if you connect the wrong USB side to the charger and phone, you may damage the battery. So, do not turn on the outlet before attaching the correct cable to the ports.


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