Best Privacy Android Keyboard

Keyboard is such an application that can collect everything you type. So, you should choose a keyboard that ensures proper privacy. So, which is the best privacy Android keyboard?

Once I got concerned while typing sensitive information about privacy. Was the keyboard collecting my data? Then, I did a deep research on the Android keyboard considering the privacy factor. Then, I found 7 best privacy Android keyboards that we can rely on.

Microsoft Swift Key AI Keyboard is the best privacy Android keyboard that does not collect or store user personal data while typing.

Through this article, I am going to share those 7 best privacy keyboards for Android so that you can feel safe while typing. Let’s begin.

7 Best Privacy Keyboards for Android

1. Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

2. Typewise Custom Keyboard

3. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

4. Multiling O Keyboard

5. Yandex Keyboard

6. Fleksy

7. Kika Keyboard

Best Privacy Android Keyboard

1. Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard is the best privacy Android keyboard considering its security and convenient typing. Using this keyboard, you can type not only conveniently but also you can type faster. It learns and adapts word suggestions based on your typing language. Also, it copes with the slang you use while typing. This keyboard is customizable.

I have tried around 35+ keyboards for Android from the Play Store. The Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard runs based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It supports multiple languages and emojis. Also, it has a personal dictionary. You can add any new word to the dictionary. It has 7 exciting themes. Considering all those factors we have picked this keyboard as the best Best Privacy Android Keyboard.

2. Typewise Custom Keyboard

The Typewise Custom Keyboard is built with privacy as the key factor. Therefore, you can rely on this keyboard if you are concerned about privacy. The keyboard was launched back in 2015 by Type Wise. From the start, they have always given priority to users’ data privacy. According to their privacy policy, they never collect users’ data from keyboards.

Apart from the privacy factor, you are most likely to choose the keyboard for its unique design. It has an auto-correction feature. Also, it offers some smart gestures to provide you with a better typing experience. You can easily switch between different languages while typing. Let me tell you an interesting fact. This keyboard has an offline version that doesn’t access data connection. Therefore, we can consider “Typewise” as a 100% private and secure keyboard app for Android mobile.

3. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

As you can see by its name, Gboard is developed by Google. In some Android mobiles, it is used as the built-in keyboard. As you are concerned about privacy, you might be thinking, is the Google Keyboard safe? According to Google’s privacy and security principles, Gboard does not collect user data while typing from the keyboard and it is 100% private.

As the keyboard is developed by Google, user’s expectations are always high. It has the features to satisfy users’ expectations. I personally like its voice typing feature. The output of voice typing is way more accurate compared to other keyboards. It also has other features like auto-correction, word suggestion, gestures support, and multi-language support. It supports over 900+ languages.    

4. Multiling O Keyboard

Would you like to try a different type of keyboard that will provide you with a unique interface along with proper privacy? We are going to introduce you to the Multiling O keyboard. You will get all the features that you expect from a privacy Android keyboard. It will delight your typing experience with accurate gesture typing and emojis.

The interface is customizable. Therefore, you can customize it according to your own preferences. Another advantage of this keyboard is its lightweight. It’s less than 4 MB. Therefore, it’s super flexible. It won’t block a lot of your device storage. Honso is the developer of this keyboard. They don’t collect or store user data while typing. Considering all those features, you can have a try.  

5. Yandex Keyboard

The Yandex Keyboard is developed by Direct Cursus Computer Systems Trading LLC. This is a keyboard that I highly recommend as the best privacy keyboard for Android. I just love their slick auto-correct features. It has features like voice commands, smooth swiping, and smart gestures. Also, it has a built-in translator.

Would you like to use stickers while typing? The Yandex Keyboard offers lots of emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Your data will be encrypted on the server. Direct Cursus Computer Systems Trading LLC is dedicated to ensuring customers’ data privacy. They have more than 10 million active users. This is a reliable application as the best privacy Android keyboard.

6. Fleksy

The Fleksy fast emoji keyboard app was developed by Thingthing Ltd. However, they were not their initial developers. The best part about this keyboard is they never rely on server-side personal data processing. Therefore, you can stay tension-free about the privacy factor. Being one of the best privacy Android keyboards, it offers a user-friendly typing experience.

From my personal typing experience, I like their gesture-based auto-correction facility. Also, it provides in-keyboard search results. However, I have not found this feature that much helpful. Another interesting feature is you can sweep while typing to delete any words. It also has mini-apps that offer quick search results.

7. Kika Keyboard

Kika is such a keyboard that I personally like for its overall appearance with lots of emojis. If you use emojis frequently while typing, you are going to like this keyboard. It has over 5 thousand emojis. Now, let’s jump on its privacy factor. According to Kika Tech, they do not receive, store, or transmit any sensitive data.

So, the Kika keyboard can be considered safe to use. On that note, I would like to inform you that their keyboard was removed from the Google Play store in 2018. Allegation of ad fraud was the reason behind that. However, they are back again in the Play Store. They have more than 60 million active users. If you don’t have any problem with the earlier issue, you can use this keyboard.  

At this stage, you are aware of the 7 best privacy Android keyboards. You can try all of them and choose a suitable one that suits your choice. To enhance your privacy even more, I would like to share some tips with you.

3 Golden Tips For Enhancing Android Keyboard Privacy

Best Privacy Android Keyboard

1. Turn Off Usage Statistics Sharing

Most of the keyboards share usage statistics data to improve the application. However, it may create a loop for your data privacy. To stay safe from this, turning on the usage statistics will be the best option. To do that, you have to open settings from the keyboard. Then, go to the advanced settings. You will get an option for “Share Usage Statistics”. You have to turn off this option.

2. Install App Firewall Software

App Firewall software blocks the access of a specific application. You can use the app firewall for your keyboard application to block internet access. You might be wondering which app firewall software to choose for your keyboard privacy. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +), NoRoot Firewall, and NetGuard – no-root firewall are some of the best app firewall software. Open the firewall application and select the app from your device that you want to block internet access.

3. Turn On Incognito Mode On Keyboard

Google Keyboard, Apple Keyboard, and Microsoft Swifty key have incognito mode features while typing. So, it will add an extra security layer to keep your information secured. So, it would be better to enable incognito mode while typing. If your keyboard doesn’t have such a feature, you should try to pick a keyboard that has an offline version that does not access the internet. It will enhance the privacy factor.

Final Thoughts

At this point, it will be easier for you to choose the best private Android keyboard. You can choose among Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard, Typewise Custom Keyboard, Google Keyboard, and Multiling O Keyboard. You can also try other keyboards that you have mentioned. Whatever keyboard you choose, you should follow the privacy guidelines that we have mentioned. It will keep your data and personal information secured.


What is incognito mode for a keyboard?

Incognito mode enhances the privacy of the keyboard by limiting the application usage statistics sharing process. It pause data collection for the keyboard app developer.  

Is Google’s Gboard Private?

According to Google’s Privacy Guidelines, Gboard doesn’t have access to personal sensitive content. It would be fair to say Google’s Gboard is private.

Does Google Keyboard collect personal data?

Google keyboards do not collect users’ personal and sensitive data. When you are using Gboard for any Google services, Google may collect the data that you are typing.

What is the best keyboard for privacy on Android?

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard, Typewise Custom Keyboard, and Gboard are some of the best keyboards for privacy on Android.

Is the Kika keyboard safe?

According to the Privacy Policy of Kika Keyboard, your data will not be shared with any third parties. So, it’s safe to use the Kika keyboard.

Is Google keyboard safe?

Google does not share user data with any third-party application. Also, Google does not collect personal sensitive data. So, it’s safe to use Google Keyboard.

What keyboard apps are safe to use?

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard, Typewise Custom Keyboard, Gboard – The Google Keyboard, and Multiling O Keyboard are safe to use.


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