Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering is considered the oldest branch of engineering. The core principle of civil engineering is to maintain accuracy for designing, planning, and construction. Nowadays, lots of Android applications are available to make those tasks easier.

Once I asked a civil engineer about some must-have Android applications and initially he was in a dilemma as there are lots of applications available in the Google Play Store. Then, we did a deep research on that and found some highly useful apps for civil engineers.

Through this article, we are going to introduce you to the 13 best Android applications for civil engineers and civil engineering students. That will make civil engineering-related tasks easier for you. At the same time, you will be able to maintain accuracy with your measurement. Here you go.

13 Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

1. AutoCAD Drawing viewer and editor

2. Compass

3. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

4.Engineering Unit Converter

5.Basic Engineering Dictionary

6.Google Maps

7.Civil Engineering Basics

8.Concrete Mix Design And Calculator

9.Civil Engineering

10.Fieldwire – Construction App

11.Frame Design

12.Engineering Codes and Standards

13.Microsoft 365

Here are the Review of the 13 Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers:

1. AutoCAD Drawing viewer and editor

Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

Without any doubt, AutoCAD is the most useful application for civil engineers. It allows you to draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models. The best thing is you can do it with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects. How would it be if you could view and edit your AutoCAD design using Android mobile?

That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The AutoCAD Drawing viewer and editor application will allow you to do it. This is the best Android app for civil engineers to view engineering-related drawings. At the same time, you will be able to make some basic editing if needed. So, you can always access your design using your smartphone.

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2. Compass

Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers have to take accurate measurements of direction. Nowadays, you don’t have to bear a physical compass with you to locate the direction. You can do it using your Android mobile using the compass application. Lots of compass applications are available on the Play Store.

We have picked the Compass app by Melon Soft as the best Android application for Civil Engineers. It has more than 10 million downloads. Considering other applications, it provides more accurate results. Also, this is compatible with almost all Android devices. Along with showing latitude and longitude, it also shows altitude speed.

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3. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

Perhaps, the calculator is the most important tool for not only civil engineers but also for all engineering students. How would it be to have an Android application that will provide you with a feel like a real calculator? RealCalc Scientific Calculator will make it happen for you. This is the best Android calculator application that I have ever used.

You can perform scientific functions such as degrees, minutes, seconds, and fractions. Additionally, you will get other features like customizable unit conversions, calculation history, and constants. Overall, you will feel like you are using a real calculator. To be honest, you will get more features than a real calculator. You can customize the display style and icons. That’s why we have chosen this application as one of the best Android Apps for civil engineers.

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4. Engineering Unit Converter

Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

Some of the most common units used in Civil engineering are millimeter square (mm2), meter (m2), kilometer (km2), feet (ft2), and inch (in2). While working on construction projects, you may have to convert different units to make the measurement accurate. It takes more time to make those converting tasks using a converter application.

You can convert different units easily with a single click. How is that possible? The Engineering Unit Converter will do it for you. The application is developed by “Thermo Fluids”. The best part about this application is you don’t have to enable a network connection to use the app. So, you can access the application from anywhere.

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5. Basic Engineering Dictionary

Best Android Apps For Civil Engineers

Being an Engineer, I know about the hassle of remembering thousands of engineering terms and equations. Having an application that has all those common engineering terms, equations, and formulas will be more than helpful for all engineering students including civil engineers.

More than 10 thousand engineering terms are available in the Basic Engineering Dictionary. You can also play quizzes within the application to judge your current knowledge. The application is developed by Edutainment Ventures. They provide regular updates to make the app even better. The interface is user-friendly and very well-organized. It deserves to be on the list of 13 best Android applications for civil engineers.

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6. Google Maps

Civil engineers have to deal with planning, designing, and supervising the construction and maintenance of building and infrastructure projects. Throughout the process, an engineer needs to have proper knowledge about the map of that area. It’s not that convenient to walk in the area or use a paper map to explore the location. We have got a better choice for you. You can get to know about the area using Google Maps.

You can explore 2D and 3D views of that area. Google Maps also allows you to download maps for offline viewing. So, you can use the map without having any internet connection for that particular area. Considering all those features and usefulness, “Google Maps” is a highly recommended application for Civil Engineers.

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7. Civil Engineering Basics

Basic is the backbone of everything. Whenever you want to learn something, you have to start from the basics. Civil Engineering Basic is such an application that will enhance your basic knowledge of Civil Engineering. Many civil engineering students consider the application as a one-stop solution for all basic knowledge requirements.

The application has covered 300+ core topics of civil engineering. If you are a fresher, the application will assist you a lot with enhancing your knowledge. It is totally free. Undoubtedly, this is the best Android app for civil engineers. When you forget the basic concept of any topic, you can quickly recap your knowledge using the application.

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8. Concrete Mix Design And Calculator

As you can see by its name, the application assists in concrete Mix design and performing calculations. Using that application, engineers and contractors can calculate cement, sand, and aggregate quantity in concrete. At the same time, it will assist you with calculating the number of premix bags required for your project.

The app is developed by “The Indus Developer”. They have followed the guidelines of IS: 10262-2009 and IS 456. Therefore, you can rely on this application. The application offers two special facilities. You can set your own size and rate of premix bags. Alongside this, you can calculate the volume of concrete required for your civil engineering projects.

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9. Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering App was developed by Softecks. The application is highly useful for civil engineering students and fresher engineers. If you want to improve your basics in Civil engineering, you can rely on this application. That is why this is the best Android app for civil engineers in 2023.

The design of this application is very much user-friendly. It can assist you in preparing for civil engineering jobs. Apart from learning about the basic concept of civil engineering, you can learn about the history of civil engineering. If you are passionate about civil engineering, you are most likely to love the application.

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10. Fieldwire – Construction App

The “Fieldwire – Construction App” was developed by Fieldwire. The appellation is built to assist civil engineers in construction work. That’s why we have considered this application as one of the most useful civil engineering apps for Android. If you are looking for a top construction app for a civil engineering job, this application is highly recommended for you.

Using this application, you can view engineering drawings and track the ongoing civil engineering process. The application is easy to use. It will efficiently present your complex process. Civil engineers, contractors, project managers, and site engineers could benefit from the application.  

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11. Frame Design

The Frame Design application is useful for frame design. If you are working on 2D frame designing, you can use this application to view your design. The application is developed by LetsConstruct. They also have another application named Beam Design. The application works through Finite Elements Analysis (FEA).

Features like editing geometry, forces, supports, and load cases are available in this application. Also, the calculation results are performed instantly. The application has got more than 500k downloads. Therefore, you can rely on this application as the best Android application for civil engineers in 2023.

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12. Engineering Codes and Standards

Looking for a convenient application that will assist you with major engineering codes and standards at a glance? Engineering Codes and Standards is the suitable option for you. Using this application, you can easily have a look at common civil engineering codes. This application is also useful for mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Civil Engineers and engineering students can get assistance through the application. Along with showing codes and standards, it also shows a brief description of the code. As it provides so many helpful guidelines for engineers, it deserves a place on the 13 best Android apps for civil engineers. What’s your opinion about the application?

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13. Microsoft 365

Last but not the least, Microsoft 365 is another best Android applications for civil engineers in 2023. Using this application, you can browse Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Project Management Software. So, you can access your project sheet from your Android smartphone. It works almost similar to the desktop version of Microsoft application packages.

Data connection is not required to use the application. You may not have access to the computer when you are working on a project. In that time, you can track your work report and sheet using the application. If you need to make any changes, you can also do it. That’s the end of our 13 most important Android applications for civil engineers list.

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Final Thoughts

At this stage, we have revealed 13 best Android apps for civil engineers based on our real-life working experience. Hopefully, those applications will assist you in doing your engineering task with more accuracy.

Based on our expert’s opinion, AutoCAD Drawing Viewer and Editor, Engineering Unit Converter, and Civil Engineering Basics are the three best Android Apps for civil engineers. Do you have any more queries related to the most important apps for civil engineers? You can mention it in the comment box.


Which app do civil engineers use?

AutoCAD, MicroStation, and SketchUp are some popular applications that civil engineers use. Also, they use calculators and unit-converter applications.

What are the three apps for civil engineers?

AutoCAD, Civil Engineering Basics, and Civil Calculator are considered as three top apps for civil engineers. Sometimes they also need to pick from other applications according to the requirements.

Which software is best for civil engineering?

Autocad, Autodesk Civil 3D, ArcGIS CityEngine, MicroStation, CSI ETABS, Bentley STAAD, GeoHECRAS, and OpenRoads Designer are some of the best applications for civil engineering.

Which online platform is best for civil engineering?

Coursera is a popular online platform for civil engineering. You can get lots of useful civil engineering-related courses and learning resources from this platform.

What are the 5 applications of civil engineering?

AutoCAD Drawing viewer and editor, Compass, RealCalc Plus, Engineering Unit Converter, Basic Engineering Dictionary, and Google Maps are the top 5 popular applications of civil engineering.

How is AI used in civil engineering?

Civil engineering can use AI to step up digital transformation. AI is used for modern methods of construction (MMC) in Civil Engineering. Artificial Intelligence improves delivery efficiency and safety.


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